WWE Raw: Why Ryback Needs to Feud with Wade Barrett

William RenkenCorrespondent IIIAugust 26, 2012

Photo from Fanpop.com
Photo from Fanpop.com

Enough is enough.

Ryan Reeves—better known as Ryback—needs a change in diet.

Since bursting onto the scene earlier this year, Ryback has been locked in squash matches with WWE jobbers or local independent wrestlers wanting to make a name for themselves by being destroyed in less than five minutes.

It absolutely made sense in the beginning.

There was a need to build this monster through this somewhat dated path. But the path now has run its course. Ryback's continual diet of wrestlers including Curt Hawkins, the recently retired Tyler Reks and other developmental talent, has departed.

Which means it's time for WWE to release Ryback from underneath the safe cover he's had for most of 2012. It's time for a feud that will show Ryback's true worth as a WWE superstar. His recent mini feud with Jinder Mahal tested the waters, but in the end he destroyed him with only mild resistance.

The change in diet Ryback needs is Wade Barrett.

The vignettes are there for Barrett; the Barrage is Back. Can't you just waiting for him to say, "The first rule of Fight Club is..." You get the idea.

Without a doubt, his initial entrance will get a huge pop from fans. Everybody of at least some merit will get a big reaction when first returning to the ring from a long absence.

With any luck, Barrett will be put back into his heel role or perhaps move into an anti-hero role.

But as a heel, Barrett certainly would match up with Ryback for an extended feud. His character revolves around being master of the underground fighting world. Ryback destroys everything WWE puts in the ring with him. Together, it would make for a very beneficial feud.

For Ryback, it could allow him flexibility to expand his character, perhaps even to the point of cutting his promos. But in the end, it represents an opportunity for him to move up the mid-card ranks while confronting his former leader of Nexus. (A great callback to Ryback's previous incarnation as Barrett's lackey.)

For Barrett, feuding with one of the WWE's up and coming monsters is an opportunity to demonstrate his position of becoming one of next big stars. There's no doubt he'll be in a title picture soon. But to have the pathway paved to a World title with a victory over Ryback under his belt would further boost his stock.

Yes, ultimately, Barrett should be the one to end Ryback's streak.

It wouldn't hurt Ryback's character to do the job. Doing so would only show how well he can lose. After all, wrestling is one big hustle anyway. The best hustlers are the ones who can lose as a true professional.

And who knows, perhaps Ryback can start to distance himself from the Bill Goldberg comparisons? A healthy diet for sure.