5 NBA Coaches Who Won't Make It Through the 2012-13 Season

Danny Dukker@DannyDukkerCorrespondent IIAugust 26, 2012

5 NBA Coaches Who Won't Make It Through the 2012-13 Season

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    NBA head coaches get fired every season due to performance, player dispute or some other reason.

    There are multiple coaches who find themselves on the hot seat coming into the season and while some will be fine, others will be watching the game at home.

    Here are five coaches who I don't think will remain with their current teams for the entire season.

Randy Wittman

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    Randy Wittman has never proven himself as a head coach and has never managed to win more than 32 games in a given season.

    His current coaching record stands at 118-238, and it should not get any better in D.C. Last season he stepped in late and coached the last 49 games, winning only 18 of them.

    The current roster in Washington has some serious potential with an improving John Wall and high draft pick Bradley Beal. Add Nene and Emeka Okafor into the mix and this team can make noise.

    Should they fail to impress the management early on, I expect Wittman will be the one let go.

Lawrence Frank

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    Lawrence Frank is not a bad coach, but he keeps landing in very bad situations.

    He was the head coach of the New Jersey Nets in 2010 before being fired after an 0-16 start. That team went on to have a 12-70 record, clearly indicating their problems did not start with the coach.

    Frank will unfortunately be put in a similar predicament in Detroit. The Pistons are struggling to become relevant again and they finally have some nice pieces.

    Greg Monroe is developing into one of the top centers in the league, and Brandon Knight displayed some solid potential last season.

    With Andre Drummond coming in, Piston fans could be expecting a drastic improvement, but they won't get it. The roster is young and raw, but that won't save Frank's job, and I expect him to take the heat for a poor start.

    This will eventually result in him getting fired, and, just like before, the final record will show that the struggles were not Frank's fault.

Vinny Del Negro

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    This is just a simple matter of timing.

    Chris Paul's contract is set to expire next season, and should the Clippers fail to make a deep playoff run, there is a chance he could be looking for a change of scenery.

    Del Negro is right now not a good coach, but he is developing. The Clippers just don't have time to wait for him to grow; they need the team to perform now.

    The Clippers are essentially putting on an audition for CP3. If Del Negro stays, the Clippers can forget a deep playoff run, and they roll the dice on Paul.

    It's too big a risk for such a promising, young team.

Keith Smart

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    Keith Smart has been a head coach for three different teams and has not managed to have a winning record with any of them.

    Last season, he led Sacramento to a 20-39 record, and while the Kings were by no means a stacked group, they were not bottom feeders either. Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins are a very nice pairing and one that Smart could have utilized better.

    While Smart only coached the last 49 games of the season and could be given a pass for walking into a bad system, next season should prove to be no different.

    When Smart coached the Warriors in 2011, he ended up with a 36-46 record and was promptly fired that offseason. His only other coaching stint was in 2003 in Cleveland, where he coached the team to a 9-31 mark.

    Smart is getting yet another chance to coach an NBA team, but I would bet he will not last the whole year.

Scott Skiles

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    After a relatively successful 2010 season, everything has gone downhill for Skiles.

    Since the 46-win campaign in 2010, Skiles has had two relatively bad years in which the Bucks have not even managed to sniff the playoffs.

    Inconsistency plagues this roster. But it’s not so much the overall record that hurts—it’s the way the team plays.

    Brandon Jennings is developing into a very special player, but Skiles is giving him too much freedom on the offensive end. Furthermore, there seems to be no focus on the defensive end of the ball as they ranked 22nd in points allowed last season.

    Considering that Brandon Jennings is a free agent next summer, it could be very wise for the Bucks to start showing they have grand plans for the franchise.

    This starts by firing Skiles.

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