10 Female Athletes and Their Comic Book Alter Egos

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10 Female Athletes and Their Comic Book Alter Egos
Lindsey Vonn

As a longtime fan and reader of comic books and graphic novels, my love of reading and writing stemmed from the four color gems of my youth. Legends such as Herge and Stan Lee were my first literary heroes. The great Belgian contributor to world popular culture, Herge proved that even the ordinary can be extraordinary. 

In learning from Stan Lee’s works, even the most powerful superheroes could still be sullen from real world problems such as financial, emotional or health. Although the superheroes could be defeated, humbled, and even killed in action, like a great athletic champion, they always find the will to come back.

Artists like Jack Kirby and Neal Adams are revered for giving readers an appreciation of the visual way of telling a story. In many ways, sports are a visual medium for telling a story.

With comic book characters becoming relevant in Hollywood and popular culture, everyone has an inner superhero. With the inception of Marvel Comics in 1961, their works were among the first to prove that the biggest hero could be you. Nowhere is this prevalent than in women’s sports, where they may not be as well compensated as their male counterparts, but have become great role models and figures in popular culture. 

Here's a look at some female athletes and the super heroes that they are comparable to.

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