WWE: Five Gimmicks That Should Exist (And Who Should Have Them)

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WWE: Five Gimmicks That Should Exist (And Who Should Have Them)
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In recent months, there seems to have been a small but noticeable resurgence in the idea of proper gimmicks.  For a long time, it seemed the undercard drifted along with no defined characters, no interesting roles, nothing remarkable to speak of.

Now we have the Funkasaurus, the Intellectual Savior, the Most Interesting Rugby Player In The World and the Sin City Carnivore.  But there’s still a gap.  There’s still a glut of wrestlers floating around on the roster who lack direction, who lack a strong character, or perhaps have been saddled with a terrible one.

Creativity is always subjective, and I would never claim to be the next Paul Heyman or anything of the sort.  But WWE is better than captain vanilla Alex Riley, who doesn’t even have a character.  WWE is better than Jinder Mahal and his hat box.  And if WWE is going to employ all these guys, they deserve better than racist caricatures..

So here are five gimmicks I think wrestling should give a try.  And just to push the envelop a little further, I’ll plug each one onto an existing WWE wrestler where applicable, just to show how the story could properly unfold in today’s WWE.

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