5 Wicked 1-Timers from NHL Superstars

Anthony Fusco@fusconation16Correspondent IIIAugust 25, 2012

5 Wicked 1-Timers from NHL Superstars

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    There isn't a more beautiful play in hockey than seeing a sniper get set up for a shot, and upon getting the puck, rifles it bar-down for a highlight real goal.

    All players can shoot a one-timer, but it takes a select few to make continuous highlight reels for their scoring prowess and high-level skill.

    In the following slides I give some of my favourite one-timers from NHL superstars today. Enjoy!

Steven Stamkos: Lightning Strikes

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    Steven Stamkos is viewed by many as one of the best players in the NHL today.

    He has consistently scored from every position on the ice, and many of those goals are highlight-reel material.

    He has a special spot of the ice that fans know very well. He sets himself up just above the dot and fires goals from there like it's nothing.

    Check out the video showing him getting set up by Eric Brewer, then doing his patented down on one knee, one-timer.

    Oh yeah, and he scores as well. You expected less?

Jarome Iginla Burns the Wings Twice

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    Another classic Jarome Iginla moment. What can't the guy do? He can fight, hit, pass, and score. The total package.

    Lets focus on this video where he burns Jimmy Howard for not one, but two goals in the same game.

    He puts some mustard behind these one-timers, and the result was spectacular.

    And people say Iginla isn't effective anymore, think again.

Alex the Great Does It Again

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    It's become a staple for NHL fans to see Ovechkin hovering around the point, waiting for the shot.

    And when you see the puck glide towards him and he pulls his stick back... well I think you know the rest.

    The Great Eight has scored many a goal via this method.

    He's one of the best in the game today, and for very good reason.

    This video shows it all perfectly as poor Miikka Kiprusoff tries and fails to stop the booming shot.

Grounding the Jets: Zetterberg Lowers the Boom

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    Detroit superstar Henrik Zetterberg has scored some beauties throughout his NHL career.

    He can skate, dangle and shoot with the best the NHL has to offer.

    When the Winnipeg Jets decided to take a bad line change, you had to know something bad was going to happen.

    It came in the form of a pass and a wicked shot by Zetterberg, one of my favourite goals of his bar none.

Geno Rips a Massive Slapshot Past Budaj

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    Evgeni Malkin is known for his pretty goals.

    Whether he's dangling through the entire Tampa Bay team or shooting massive one-timers from impossible angles, Malkin has truly done it all.

    Almost all of his goals are spectacular but this one takes the one-timer cake.

    I can only imagine the velocity behind that puck as it rockets bar down into the net.

    Well done Malkin, well done.

    Shoot me a comment about your favourite NHL one-timer goals or check out my Twitter @FuscoNation16.