Broughton's Fave Five: Guys That Just Need an Opportunity

Michael BroughtonAnalyst IAugust 27, 2012

Broughton's Fave Five: Guys That Just Need an Opportunity

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    Hello Bleacher Report, and welcome to another edition of Broughton's Fave Five. For this article, I'll be taking a look at the top wrestlers who have gone unnoticed, yet deserve an opportunity.

    We see it all the time. Guys who can't wrestle their way out of a paper bag get pushed to the main event, while the real talent is forced to sit back and watch. It has been happening for years and by the way things have gone, I doubt anything will change. Now, while not every guy on my list has the tools to become the next face of the WWE, they certainly don't belong as a bottom feeder. While World Titles may not be in their future, a long stay in the upper-mid card would do them justice.

    So without further ado, let's begin!

No. 5: Johnny Curtis

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    Johnny Curtis first debuted in the WWE as a member of NXT season four. He eventually went on to win the competition, and in turn was promised a WWE Tag Team Title shot along with his pro, R-Truth. However, as we all have figured out by now, that title shot has never—and will never—happen.

    With that said, Curtis is full of potential. Sure, his in-ring skills are rather generic (although he is pretty solid in the ring) and his finisher is a suplex slam, but his gimmick really helps him stand out. For those of you who don't watch NXT or keep up with Curtis, he has played the part of a dirty, filthy, creep. While it may sound a bit weird, he plays the part to perfection. While he is just average in the ring, his mic skills are fantastic, as he uses the perfect tone to play along with character. If Curtis can keep up the good work, he should earn an opportunity.

No. 4: Hunico

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    When Hunico burst onto the scene last year, he was nothing more than a placeholder while Sin Cara was doing his time after a suspension. However, to much surprise, Hunico outperformed Sin Cara by leaps and bounds.

    When Sin Cara made his long-awaited return, the two embroiled in a feud of Sin Cara Azul (the original) vs Sin Cara Negro (Huncio). However, as luck would have it, Sin Cara botched his way into an injury and left Hunico without a feud. From that point on, Hunico has never really regained that momentum and continues to flounder in no man's land. While his gimmick may be a bit stereotypical, his in-ring skills are fantastic, and while he isn't amazing on the mic, he can cut a promo if need be. Hunico has all the skills to be successful, but WWE has yet to realize it.

No. 3: Justin Gabriel

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    After finishing third in the inaugural season of NXT, many assumed Gabriel would become a huge star in WWE, myself included. Opinions didn't change much when he debuted on Raw and became a key cog in the unstoppable machine known as the Nexus. His 450 Splash immediately became a symbol of domination by the group.

    However, things quickly went downhill after the Nexus imploded. After a failed attempt to rekindle things as part of The Corre and a couple of tag title reigns with Heath Slater, Gabriel completely dropped off the face of the world. Sure, he jobbed over on Smackdown here and there, but that major push many expected just never came around. While his mic skills leave a lot to be desired, he is a phenomenal talent, and has what it takes to succeed. All he needs is an opportunity.

No. 2: Michael McGillicutty

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    As the son of Mr. Perfect, you would assume the WWE would at least flinch at the idea of giving Michael McGillicutty a push, or even use his actual name. Instead, outside of one lackluster reign as tag team champs and a minor role in the New Nexus, Michael McGillicutty has done absolutely nothing, and I don't understand why.

    While he is most remembered for his fail of a promo on the NXT Season 2 Finale, Joe Hennig's mic skills are pretty solid in my book. He may not blow you away, but his ability to cut a promo is big quality. That, along with his top-notch in-ring skills help to make him a viable candidate for a major push. However, the WWE just doesn't see it that way. The WWE needs to give Michael McGillicutty an opportunity, before the clock runs out.

No. 1: Tyson Kidd

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    I am a huge fan of Tyson Kidd. As I've stated before, outside of Daniel Bryan, Tyson Kidd is arguably the best pound-for-pound wrestler on the WWE roster right now. He is simply exciting to watch and pulls off every move to perfection. As a graduate of the Hart Dungeon, it's easy to see where Kidd honed his craft.

    Now, most people will quickly point to his mic skills as the real reason behind Kidd's long stay as a lower-mid carder. However, while he isn't the best on the mic, the kid (no pun intended) knows how to cut a promo. While he doesn't get much mic time on the main shows, he has definitely proven he can talk the talk over on NXT.

    Tyson is at the top of my list when it comes to underutilized wrestlers, and for good reason. He has what it takes, but the WWE has always been hesitant to push him. The WWE has a gem in the form of Tyson Kidd, they just need to figure it out.