Why Russell Wilson Should Start for the Seattle Seahawks in Week 1

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Why Russell Wilson Should Start for the Seattle Seahawks in Week 1
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I don't pretend to be an expert on the inner workings of the Seattle Seahawks. In fact, I'm a New York Jets fan who spends no more time watching the NFC West than is absolutely necessary. But man, when Russell Wilson is on the field, I just can't look away. He's fantastic.

He should be the starter. From day one.

As we've seen over the past few years, the new way to develop quarterbacks is to have them start and work out their mistakes on the field. It worked for Matt Ryan, it worked for Joe Flacco and it worked for Cam Newton.

Even if Matt Flynn is the better quarterback now, how long will that fact remain true? A year? Eight weeks? One game? At the rate he is improving, there is simply no way that Russell Wilson isn't going to be Seattle's quarterback of the future. Why hamper his development for Flynn?

Obviously there are financial ramifications, but those are avoidable. If Wilson continues to play well, Flynn's value will remain high, and some team is going to need a new quarterback before the trade deadline. 

Second of all, this Seattle team is good. Maybe not Super Bowl good, but playoff-contention good. The defense has a ton of talent, somewhere among their legion of wide receivers there is a legitimate playmaker and Marshawn Lynch will lead a strong running game.

This team is ready to be competitive right now. By all accounts Russell Wilson is the best quarterback on the team. Sitting him on the bench for any reason seems unfair to the team. 

Remember, the Seahawks get four games against the Cardinals and Rams. They also draw the surprisingly weak AFC East (Patriots not included) in their schedule. It's absolutely not a stretch to say that this team could win eight or nine games.

How good would that kind of season be for Wilson's future?

Ultimately that's what this comes down to. Russell Wilson is Seattle's future. Matt Flynn is not. The Seahawks have to do what gives him the best chance to succeed in the future, because right now it looks like this team can go as far as he takes them.

That's why Wilson should be the starter. If Seattle's aim is really to develop this team so that it can win a Super Bowl in the next few years, Wilson should be on the field right now.

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