WWE: Why Three Sheamus Versus Del Rio World Title Matches Is Three Too Many

Travis SmithAnalyst IIAugust 25, 2012

Photo from www.bhabaniwwe.in
Photo from www.bhabaniwwe.in

Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio has been one of the worst feuds of 2012. Yes I did say it and I will stand by that statement. I haven't been more disgusted with the product that the WWE has offered to the fans than with with this feud for the richest prize in the company.

Sure, some fans will say that this feud has been OK, but I believe that Del Rio versus Sheamus has been an epic failure since it began in May, and it continues to be a snooze fest that fans do not care about.

The world title should be used to push two of the top guys in the industry that the fans want to see compete against each other. Now sure, there are well over a dozen guys that could fit the bill, but what makes a title feud tricky is by putting the champion against a superstar that they have great chemistry with inside of the ring and on the microphone.

WWE has put on some great world title feuds in the past decade; (Batista vs. Undertaker, Jericho vs. HBK and Hardy vs. Punk) however, Sheamus versus Del Rio has not been one of those classic world title feuds.

The company did not have much faith in the feud when it began in May, as originally it was suppose to be Sheamus versus Del Rio for the title at Over The Limit, but the WWE felt like it wasn't a strong enough draw for a world title match, so they decided to throw Chris Jericho and Randy Orton into the match in order to draw more attention.

So with a feud that wasn't thought highly of to begin with, it was even more confusing to see the WWE place Del Rio against  Sheamus in the past two pay-per-view events for the gold.

Alberto Del Rio's promo skills are not up there with some of the greatest—hell—he's struggled to just draw heat from the live crowds with his mic skills. Sheamus has gotten better on the stick, but still needs work with his aggressive promos in order to draw fans into his rage and get them cheering for him even more.

So to say the least, the promos between the two have not been well at all. I find them weak and very dull.

The storyline was another issue with this feud. OK, I can understand the idea of the rich guy trying to obtain the one thing that money cannot buy (Just ask Ted DiBiase), and that is the world title. The idea has worked in the past—especially with JBL back in 2004 when he faced Eddie Guerrero for the WWE title. Alberto Del Rio though, hasn't gotten over like JBL and has thus made the storyline weak.

The two one-on-one matches between Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus have not been anything to be proud of. The in-ring action has been slower than Big Show's run to weight room. I haven't seen that smash mouth action that Sheamus usually brings to the ring in this feud.

Overall, the in-ring chemistry isn't there either, so I believe that with all of the given variables to this, I would have to say that this has been one of the worst world title feuds in a very long time.

I wish the WWE would listen to the wrestling fans and end this feud soon. I can think of five superstars that deserve to be in a world title feud with Sheamus over Del Rio (Ziggler, Orton, Bryan, Rhodes and Mysterio). My point is that Alberto Del Rio is not the answer for this feud, in fact, he is the problem and the WWE needs to fix that problem.


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