Tim Sylvia: Daniel Cormier Would Lose to Me

Riley Kontek@@BigRIlesMMAFeatured ColumnistAugust 25, 2012


Ladies and gentlemen, Tim Sylvia is at it again. The former heavyweight champion continues to make outrageous claims in an attempt to get signed by the UFC, asserting that he would beat Daniel Cormier.

In fact, he says that is the reason the UFC inserted Frank Mir in the Cormier fight instead of himself. The fact that a guy who was defeated in an MMA match against Ray Mercer, a boxer with very little MMA experience, is making this claims is almost comedic.

At one point, it was rumored that Sylvia was going to square off with Cormier in his last Strikeforce fight. Not long later, that report was toppled by the report of Mir taking the fight against the former Olympic wrestler.

Here is just a snippet of what Sylvia said on the latest MMA Hour podcast (h/t mmamania.com):

"I don't know. I think the UFC might have got ahead of themselves and they really couldn't find anybody to fight Cormier, so, they had asked us and we agreed to it and I think after we agreed to it, they were able to talk Frank into doing it and they probably thought Frank was a better fit for it than myself. I think they'd like to see Daniel win and I think he beats Frank, but he would lose to me. I don't know that he (Frank) is an easier fight than (me) but, he is still in the limelight, he is still in the UFC . Frank is definitely better on the ground than I am, but I think my takedown defense and my striking ability would make a tougher fight for DC definitely. But, he is definitely a rising star right now and he would be difficult for anybody really."

Does anybody actually think he believes the stuff he is saying, or is his desperate attempt to get a spot on the roster getting to his head?

As of right now, Sylvia is scheduled to have his fourth career fight with Andrei Arlovski later this month at One FC 5. In all honesty, if he beats Arlovski, I would give him another shot in the UFC. 

He has the name to draw some coin and his size alone makes him an attraction.

I mean, the man was a UFC champion, so doesn't he deserve that much? That remains to be seen.