Kansas City Chiefs: Ranking the 5 Best Fantasy Football Options

Townsend Keller@Obtuse_Goose_61Contributor IIIAugust 25, 2012

Kansas City Chiefs: Ranking the 5 Best Fantasy Football Options

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    Kansas City has not been a hotbed of fantasy football production the last few seasons. All that is looking to change in 2012, however, as the offense is stacked with playmaking talent.

    With a collection of some of the finest skill players in the NFL the Chiefs are looking to score some serious points this fall, and you can certainly benefit from the offensive unit's successes.

    Which offensive players should you bank on to run roughshod against your buddies this fall? Read on.

Jamaal Charles

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    Of course, The Man has to be first. He may not get as many touches as a grind-it-out back like Maurice Jones-Drew or Ray Rice, but he will make plays for you.

    Is he a first-round type of pick after hurting his ACL last season? No, but a second-round selection certainly is warranted for Charles. The 15-20 touches he gets per game won’t go to waste if he returns to his 6.4 yards-per-carry form, and you know he’s good for the long touchdown run that can snag you some game-changing points.

    Combine the potency of his rushing with his effectiveness catching out of the backfield and Charles is a mighty pairing with a first-round quarterback or receiver to snag in the second round.

    Production prediction: 1,100 yards rushing, 12 touchdowns, 340 yards receiving, two touchdowns.

Dwayne Bowe

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    D-Bowe is back and he’s ready to do some damage for you.

    Usually after a holdout a player experiences a dip in production, but Bowe is in a position to not miss a beat. Bowe came back to the team in fantastic shape and he’s surrounded by more talent than has ever been on a Chiefs team since he was drafted in 2005.

    Until Dexter McCluster this season, Bowe has been the only receiver Cassel has seemed to have any chemistry with. No one is more relieved Bowe signed his franchise tender than his quarterback.

    He may be in a run-first offense, but when the ball is in the air it’s going to D-Bowe.

    Production Prediction: 79 receptions, 1,050 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Peyton Hillis

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    The Wrecking Ball to Charles’ Greased Lightning, Peyton Hillis brings a nastiness to the Kansas City offense that makes him a prime short-yardage touchdown machine on top of a very promising reunion with offensive coordinator Brian Daboll.

    After the debacle that was the 2011 season, Hillis should be available in the middle rounds and he will be a fantasy football steal once again.

    As the workhorse of the offense, the Conway Cannonball will get his share of touches. But what get looked over much of the time is his receiving ability. For such a big guy, he’s got some soft hands. 

    You shouldn't bank your entire running back situation on him, but if Daboll can work his magic on him he could be the Fantasy Beast of old again.

    Production Prediction: 1,070 rushing yards with 10 touchdowns, 315 receiving yards and three touchdowns.

Dexter McCluster

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    Things weren’t looking good for Run DMC going into 2012. Now that he’s finally settled into a defined role, he seems to have finally found his groove in the slot.

    McCluster is ranked eighth in receiving thus far in the preseason at 13 receptions for 129 yards and a touchdown. Coming out of the slot, he’s looking like the kind of playmaker that could be the surprise of the fantasy season.

    Matt Cassel isn’t the best in his progressions, but he’s gotten noticeably better thus far in the preseason. But he should still find his security blanket quite a bit, and McCluster’s fantasy owners will benefit.

    He's coming off a relatively quiet season so he may not even be drafted, depending on how knowledgeable your buddies are. But make no mistake, he's good to have on your roster.

    Production Prediction: 68 receptions, 775 yards, seven touchdowns.

Matt Cassel

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    Should you rely on Matt Cassel week-in and week-out?

    No, but you could do a heck of a lot worse for a spot start here or there. Depending on how effectively he can get the ball to his weapons, he could bloom into a starter before your very eyes.

    That’s the key—how effective can Cassel be with all the weapons at his disposal? He’s set up with an offensive coordinator who turned Matt Moore into a passable NFL starter with much less talent surrounding him in Miami.

    If you're set going into the late rounds, he could be a nice little asset to store away on your reserve roster.

    This his could be a breakout season for Trent Dilfer 2.0, and you want to be the guy who was smart enough to take him.

    Production Prediction: 3,900 yards, 29 touchdowns, six interceptions.