The Worst Fans In Sports: Texas Tech, Oakland Raider, Utah Jazz fans top list

STEVOContributor IFebruary 27, 2009

We all have fans of other teams who annoy us; I'm sure you can immediately think of at least three other teams whose fans you wish would develop another hobby. While fans of teams like the New England Patriots, New York Yankees, or Duke Blue Devils may draw ire around the country, from where I'm sitting, these are the worst.

5. Bandwagon fans 

We all know ‘em. And all real fans hate ‘em.

4. Oakland Raiders fans

Hey, the Raiders lost in the playoffs! Let’s burn some stuff and riot through our town like soccer fans!

Hey, the Raiders won the Super Bowl! Let’s burn some stuff and riot through our town like soccer fans!

Great people, huh? Glad I don't live in Oakland.
                                                                                                                    3. Texas Tech Red Raider fans

How many times do you rush the field after beating a rival school before anyone stops to see if the game is really over yet? (i.e. 2008 against Texas). Its obvious Tech fans have never been there before, and they remind us all of this every time they do manage to get there.

For instance, the time they beat Texas A&M and rushed the field, tearing down the goalposts and then going one step further by running them into the stands like jousting sticks in the section where Aggie fans were sitting, including the governor of Texas. One word: Classless.                                                                           

2. Soccer fans

I'm talking about American fans who follow soccer, not those in other countries. Here, they always try to get you to care about soccer. OK, we get it, it’s the most popular sport on Earth. But that doesn’t mean it will ever catch on in America like American football, baseball, or basketball. Or NASCAR, golf, or wrestling. Enjoy your soccer, but stop telling all of us about it. The majority of us don’t care!

1. Utah Jazz fans

Reason number one: Their extraordinarily biased reaction to every call made by the officials, and I mean every call. I understand the natural reaction fans all have to a call against our club, but Jazz fans seem to take it one step further. They appear to actually believe no player on their team ever commits a foul or misses a contested lay-up without being fouled.

Think I’m exaggerating? Watch a Jazz home game next time you get a chance. Or even better, if you get a chance, watch a replay of any game against the Houston Rockets back in the good old days with Hakeem Olajuwon. Watch how the fans all become referees, rotating their arms to make the “traveling” sign every time he touched the ball.

Reason number two: The treatment of Derek Fisher. How classless can you get? Well, not much more than they did here. Who can forget when Derek Fisher left the Jazz to go back to the Lakers, citing his daughter’s cancer as the reason? This way he could be in Los Angeles and closer to one of the best treatment facilities in the country.

However, when he returned to play in front of his former team, they booed him every time he touched the ball, and some even chanted “Cancer.” Wow. I guess they are above having compassion for him and his family.