5 Strategic Changes the Chicago Bulls Need to Make in 2012-13

Mike B.Correspondent IAugust 28, 2012

5 Strategic Changes the Chicago Bulls Need to Make in 2012-13

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    Just like many other NBA teams, the Chicago Bulls need to make a few strategic changes during the upcoming season.  

    The 2012-13 Bulls will look a lot different than last year's version. MVP guard Derrick Rose will miss the majority of the season recovering from a torn ACL and the team' s second unit—known as the "Bench Mob"—was broken up this offseason. 

    Guys like Omer Asik, Kyle Korver, Ronnie Brewer and C.J. Watson are now playing in different cities. And taking their places are the likes of Kirk Hinrich, Nate Robinson, Marco Belinelli and Nazr Mohammad.

    Here are five changes the Bulls should make.    

Play Marquis Teague

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    Tom Thibodeau isn't the type of coach who prefers to play rookies. Jimmy Butler played just 8.5 minutes per game last season. 

    Thibs needs to change his ways a tad and give a significant amount of playing time to next season's rookie Marquis Teague.

    Selected 29th overall by the Bulls in this year's draft after helping Kentucky win a national title, Teague possesses the potential to become a top-notch NBA point guard.

    Thibodeau should give the youngster some minutes to see if he can have an impact in his first year.

Bring Richard Hamilton off the Bench

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    The Bulls signed Hamilton last offseason, hoping the former All-Star would serve as a solid contributor.

    Unfortunately, that didn't turn out to be the case as he missed quite a bit of time due to injury last season.

    When healthy, Hamilton averaged an unspectacular 11.6 points per game and looked more like a bench player than a starter.

    With that said, Chicago should bring him off the bench in 2012-13 to backup newcomer Marco Belinelli at the shooting guard spot.

    Hamilton could prove to be a quality reserve for the new-look Bulls squad.

Make Carlos Boozer the Focal Point on Offense

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    Derrick Rose has been "The Man" for the Bulls the last four years.

    Now that the injured superstar will miss a chunk of time next season, it's time for Carlos Boozer to be the main guy in Chicago.

    Boozer has been a bit of a disappointment since his arrival two summers ago, but he does have the skills to put up 20 points a night and lead the Bulls in scoring.    

    With Rose out and fellow All-Star Luol Deng hurt, Boozer should be given the chance to prove to the league that he's still a reliable low-post presence.

Tank the Season

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    Perhaps the best-case scenario for the Bulls in 2012-13 is winning 45 games and losing in the first round of the playoffs.

    So why not just tank the season and receive a high draft pick?

    Hey, it worked for the 1996-97 San Antonio Spurs, who lucked out and won the Tim Duncan sweepstakes.

    Although there isn't a Duncan-type of player coming out in next year's draft, it's possible the Bulls could land a guy like Shabazz Muhammad.

    The highly-touted UCLA freshman could emerge as the perfect sidekick for Derrick Rose down the road.

Don't Allow Derrick Rose to Play a Single Game

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    After tearing his ACL in the playoffs this past season, Derrick Rose is expected to be out until March.  

    Rose—who will surely want to return to the court at some point next season—should just forget about coming back in 2012-13 and focus on a full recovery.

    There's no point of playing next season when the Bulls have a zero percent chance of winning a title.

    Do you really think they can compete with super-teams like the reigning champion Miami Heat and the new-look Los Angeles Lakers? No way.

    D-Rose, just go ahead and rest, man.