Celtics' Fab Melo Begins NBA Career by Breaking a Chair During Rookie Shoot

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 24, 2012

Make note of Fab Melo as he embarks on what should be a magical NBA career, because the young man is already making us laugh. 

Larry Brown Sports spots this brief moment of hilarity featuring the rookie who accidentally broke a folding chair and was subsequently laughed at by every other rookie around because of it.  Pretty much the moment Melo was trying to act cool and unaffected, his chair managed to break, causing him to be the geek on the first day of school.


The folding chair fiasco happened during a photo shoot for rookies and pretty much made Melo feel like he was possibly pushing too many pounds. 

That's the first thing he wanted to dispel to an NBA.com correspondent shortly after being laughed off the ground by other NBA youngsters: "I think the chair was too weak and an accident happened. I lost weight. I’m good now. I know that I gained weight (before). But yeah, the chair fell."

Seriously, guys. I'm not fat. 

There is nowhere to go but up after your chair breaks under your own weight. It's best to shake it off and own the embarrassing moment. Because there is no getting back any amount of cool points lost in this hilarious turn of events. 

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