Shawn Michaels and Triple H: Why They Should Faceoff One Last Time

Michael BroughtonAnalyst IAugust 25, 2012

Triple H and Shawn Michaels have been tied together for decades. Whether it be a long feud or a run in the always entertaining DX, they always seem to be linked in one way or another. Recently, Shawn Michaels has attempted to act as a friend, a shoulder to lean on after a brutal loss in what Shawn assumed was Hunter's last fight in the squared circle. However, I just don't see it that way.

While Triple H is just a face as of now, there is no denying he still has an ego. After hearing Shawn Michaels' most recent interview via satellite, Hunter could have a few problems. First off, Shawn Michaels is simply coming to an assumption that Trips is retiring. Triple H could easily take this as an insult, believing Shawn thinks him weak. In order to prove he still has it, Hunter may want a match.

Another legitimate gripe Triple H could have is the fact that Shawn never thought Hunter could win. Shawn has said the only reason he said Hunter could not win is because it is what Hunter needed to hear. I wouldn't blame Triple H for getting frustrated with Shawn, as the Heart Beak Kid flat out stated he didn't believe in his long-time friend. This of course, could lead to a historic showdown.

Now, let me quickly state, I'm not a fan of legends hogging the spotlight. However, it seems inevitable at this point that both men will once again step in the ring. So, why not do it against each other. There is no denying that these two have been connected for ages. It seems like the perfect ending to two fantastic careers if they manage to go out this way.

Triple H has proved multiple times that he can still go in the ring. While he isn't the same ring general he once was, he could easily out-wrestle the majority of today's main roster. And while Shawn may still have some ring rust, he was one of the best performers ever, so I doubt he will show up unprepared.

These two have a storied history, but there may be one more chapter left to fill. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels would be the best way for each man to step away from wrestling for good. Their time has come and gone, but I'm all for one final match. Both men have contributed so much to the business, so why not contribute just one more time?