Arizona Cardinals 2012: Checking the Reader Mailbag

Mike MayContributor IAugust 24, 2012

Fans weighing in
Fans weighing inMark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Throughout the course of the season I'll be posting and responding to various emails I've received from readers. Keep them coming everybody, I love the feedback.

Chris Yount writes: "I think you CAN actually compare QBs in preseason (although none of the preseason necessarily translates to reading defenses during the regular season).  Kolb threw an interception on his first pass attempt against a defense described by Michael Lombardi of NFL Network, as High School level difficulty.
So, basically, I find your arguments against starting Lindley somewhat flawed.  I would agree with a statement such as - Lindley's success doesn't automatically translate to the regular season.  I also think his preseason performance CAN be compared to Kolb and Skelton's preseason performance.  As you stated and I agree with, defenses are running vanilla packages right now.  Kolb has proven that's even too much for him.  Skelton is still inaccurate and doesn't see the whole field, while Lindley is proving to be able to find the open receiver, get rid of the ball quickly without trying to run around every orange cone he can find such as Kolb, and actually deliver a fairly accurate ball.  Lindley's only real short coming has been in the red zone and I'm not sure how much blame he should bear vs. others."

I think Ryan Lindley is a very intriguing prospect. There's some reference to Max Hall, who looked great in similar situations to those Lindley's been in. I believe this to be both fair and unfair at the same time.

Lindley has better size and arm strength than Hall. That said, you have to think Lindley hasn't been given as much of the playbook as John Skelton and Kevin Kolb, and it's still a much faster game against the first-team defenses, as Max Hall would eventually find out.

Kolb or Skelton are still your best chances to win.

Thomas Lee writes: "I take exception to your categorization of Donovan McNabb in your recent article about the current QB situation in Arizona.  Donovan McNabb is by far and away better than any option you wrote about.  You, as typical football figure head just regurgitate what you hear from other more 'well known' talking heads, who just base information on won-lost records of QB team.  Did you even watch McNabb play last year?  He was mobile and accurate, 60.3%, going 19-24 his last game, with 3 easy drops by receivers. Fact is, Minnesota defense in 2011 and Washington in 2010 were both putrid, and I dare you to name 1 decent receiver on either team, especially a long ball threat, but you all give the blame to McNabb.
Do you even realize that McNabb was on pace to shatter the Washington Redskins passing records until Shananhan benched him after 13 games?  My guess is, No, because nobody will touch upon that subject, you all just bring about the negatives about McNabb and say he 'bombed' in Washington.  You all can't bring about the positives he did, fully knowing the team as a whole was terrible, but again look at won-lost record and it was all McNabb's fault, right?
McNabb 2011 for season: 60.3%, 6.58 average per 4 TDs and 2 INT; 82.9 QB rating and he ran for 59 yards with 4.2 ave including 23 yard run (that's mobile). Compare to Skelton (your QB elect) who had Fitzgerald to just throw the ball up to (which he did many times, I'm sure you saw that, because I did)
for season 54.9%, 6.96 average per, 11 TDs and 14 INT, 68.9 QB rating and he ran for 128 yards 4.6 ave, which is certainly good mobility as well."

Thomas, I can certainly appreciate the respect you have for McNabb, but he simply wouldn't be the answer in Arizona. Career wise, he is a 59 percent passer and has struggled with accuracy at times throughout his career.

His touchdown to interception ratio in Washington was 14 to 15. Clearly McNabb had some really good years in the NFL, unfortunately, those years are behind him. Skelton came through late in games last season and Kolb took a good step forward last night. I'm sticking with those two with Lindley developing at third string.

I'll try to post these responses as well as feedback from Twitter once a week. Keep them coming; I always appreciate the feedback.

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