Was Albert Haynesworth the Right Move for Washington?

Brad SmithContributor INovember 8, 2016

When Daniel Snyder set his eyes on Albert Haynesworth, there was little doubt he would spend whatever it took to land him. This time was no exception. $100 million later, Haynesworth is now a member of the Washington Redskins.

What will it now take for Haynesworth to become a good value at $100 million? The expectations seem almost unattainable. This signing feels too much like the Alex Rodriguez contract with the Texas Rangers—a lot of money tied up in one position while neglecting other needs within the team.

With awful character decisions throughout his carear, this becomes an even larger risk. Between his fights with teammates, arrest warrants for reckless driving, and his uncanny desire to stomp on opponents' faces,  there are a lot of question marks that make this decision questionable.

Haynesworth is still a young player in the league and should contribute a lot to the Redskins organization over the next several year, but it will be almost impossible to create a strong nucleus around a player taking up this much cap space as a defensive tackle.