LSU & the Epic Mascot Dance Off Battle: BR5

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Mascots are as synonymous with sports as the players that participate in them. But, one thing you might not know is that they are some sick dancers as well.  So, what happens when you get a bunch of mascots together in one place? An epic dance off ensues. We caught up with some of the most popular mascots in sports, as they showed off some of their best moves.

The Kentucky Wildcat kicked things off with some modest moves, but was quickly upstaged by the Oregon Duck, who took the Wildcat’s routine to the next level incorporating some breakdance moves. The Tampa Bay Lightning did its best booty shaking but was no match for the Nebraska Cornhusker. This dance visionary really got into it, doing headstands, and face plants, using his inflatable suit to his advantage.

If anyone was keeping score up to this point, it would be tough to top the Cornhusker. The Toronto Blue Jay did his best, but after Nebraska’s body-bending dance moves, he just couldn’t compete. 

But if someone was going to take down the Cornhusker, it was the LSU Tiger. The Tiger made the wise move of breaking the mold of the previous dance moves, and going for a more sultry kind of feel. This Tiger will definitely teach you how to Dougie.

After LSU changed the game, the Carolina Hurricane had no choice but to change it again, going for a traditional Charleston type move. With the Hurricane making a tough act to follow, the Orlando Magic really had to go for it, using his bizarre costume to his advantage, incorporating a full back flip. The Magic definitely get some points for effort. 

But in the end, who was the winner? It's too tough to call, but one thing is for sure—these furry costumed mascots sure know how to get their groove on.

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