Manchester United To Beat Spurs in Carling Cup the Matt Busby Way

CarlyluvsunitedCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2009

matt busby european cup winI have read the reviews by a few Spurs fans regarding the 49th Carling Cup Final due to be played at Wembley this Sunday between Manchester United and Tottenham, Hotspur.
They are clinging to a few rather obscure facts to convince themselves they can win this match.
1. Given their glittering first half performance in the San Siro and our gut-wrenching equivalent at the KC it'd be amazing if United weren't feeling cocky and aside from the fact that ref Chris Foy is a Scouser who hopefully hasn't forgotten his roots, that might be our best hope.
2. Still, "it's a two horse race", "anything can happen on the day".
3. Despite being generally crap, in five attempts we've not lost to a "big four" side yet this season.
4. United conceded three goals to each of Derby and Blackburn in the last two rounds, plus hopefully our lads will be motivated by the desire to put one over on the despised, whining Bulgarian. If that shitey Arsenal team we saw a couple of weeks ago can beat them then why can't we?
5. United actually have a dodgy record in finals, they've been in six and lost four.
6. Our favourite Russian has scored in every round.
7. Redknapp has managed three different sides that have beaten Ferguson teams in cup competitions. So why not a fourth? We're 90 minutes from glory. Come on you Spurs.

That must make grim reading if you're a Spurs fan.
Pinning your hopes and dreams on a few stats and things that have happened in the past.
Games like this are about the team who turns up on the day, with the ability and desire to win, not the team who turns up with a head full of stats and figures that make them feel like they should win.
I hope with all my heart that Fergie does what Arsene Wenger did and lets the 'kids' have their day at Wembley.
The likes of Danny Welbeck, Anderson, Rafael et al. They are the ones who got us to Wembley and they are the ones who deserve their day in the limelight.
It would be easy to put out a team with Ferdinand, Evra, Vidic, Ronaldo, Giggs, Rooney, Berbatov etc etc and try to run right over the top of Spurs and crush them in the first 30 minutes. But to me this competition is all about allowing your youngsters to have their time.
In the third and fourth rounds all 'big' teams put out makeshift teams full of young guys waiting for their chance to prove they are good enough for the first team, it's a good chance for a manager to get some experience for his future stars.
Having said that, Manchester United's youngsters have proved time and time again this season they are ready, willing and able to step up to the mark and play with confidence, determination and a cohesion you would only expect from seasoned professionals.
So come on Fergie, let's do this the right way. Wellbeck, Rafael, Fabio, Anderson, O'Shea, Fletcher, Park...we want to see them all.
Some of these guys have stuck with United through thick and thin with never a guarantee of first team football. They have also been there when suddenly they are needed.
They may not be needed now, but more importantly they are deserving. Deserving of a chance for glory in their own right. If they get beaten then so be it.
The fact they got United to Wembley in itself is a great, great achievement and the future looks rosy for United.
Let's do this the Matt Busby way, with youngsters who have no fear, who have flair and enthusiasm, who are loyal and who do have the ability if given the chance.....More United News From Carly's Blog Here