Madden 13: Rookies That Will Make Their Virtual Team Fun to Use

Alex BallentineFeatured ColumnistAugust 24, 2012

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Madden 2013 officially releases on August 28, but anxious gamers have already started making plans as to what teams and players they look forward to playing with. Personally, giving the new rookies a spin is always a favorite when the game first drops.

This season, the game should feature plenty of playmaking rookies that might make otherwise unappealing teams fun to use in the game. 

Here are the best rookies that gamers should look forward to using when the game hits stores.


Robert Griffin III

Admit it, there are few things that are more fun than watching the frustration on a friend's face when your quarterback breaks loose and takes off on a 20-yard run before safely sliding for a new set of downs.

RGIII should be the source of plenty of frustration, as he figures to be one of the most athletic quarterbacks in the game. With a speed rating of 93 and a throw power rating of 95, players should be able to do some serious damage with RGIII outside of the pocket.

Without RGIII, the Redskins would be a pretty boring team to use (unless you're a HUGE fan of Pierre Garcon), but with him, they have a dynamic offense that gamers should really enjoy.


Trent Richardson

If you're the kind of gamer that really likes to be challenged, playing with the Cleveland Browns will be right up your alley. The team has no real gems to speak of on offense.

However, third overall draft pick Trent Richardson should at least remedy some of that, as the back is the highest-rated rookie at his position. With an overall rating of 83, an acceleration rating of 96 and a trucking rating of 95, Richardson is the kind of power back that is really fun to use as you run over defenders.

The entirety of the Browns offensive roster won't offer much, but attempting to rack up huge numbers with the Alabama product will be one of the few highlights of playing with the Browns.


Stephen Hill

Every now and then, a real-life player seems to be made for a video game.

Joining that echelon of players this season is New York Jets receiver Stephen Hill.

Hill's overall rating (68) isn't much to get excited about, but that may not matter much when you consider that his two best real-life attributes play an expanded role in the virtual world—size and speed.

Hill may take a while to adjust with the Jets this season, but a 6'4", 215-pound receiver with a 96 speed rating will certainly make an immediate impact in the virtual world. The Jets offense doesn't have much going for it, but chucking the ball up to Hill should be a staple for anyone running the Jets, especially in connected careers mode, where he can improve as the seasons go on.

Whether you use Tim Tebow or Mark Sanchez is up to you, but the occasional bomb to Hill should be in your game plan.


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