WWE Superstars and Their Dragon Ball Z Counterparts: The Midcard Edition

Mike SalvatoreCorrespondent IIIAugust 24, 2012

WWE Superstars and Their Dragon Ball Z Counterparts: The Midcard Edition

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    The world of Dragon Ball Z is filled with so many quality and unique characters. There are so many characters that I could not fit everyone into my first DBZ/WWE comparison.

    Due to the many great suggestions and all the positive feedback, I proudly present Pt. 2 of the WWE Superstars and their Dragon Ball Z counterparts!

    Note: Some DBZ spoilers may lie ahead, so enter at your own risk.

Yamcha/Drew McIntyre

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    So much was expected from Yamcha from the during both the Dragon Ball and the start of the Dragon Ball Z series. He was one of the strongest fighters in world and was positioned as being nearly Goku’s equal. Then he died.

    Seriously, when Yamcha was blown up by the Saibaman during the fight with Nappa and Vegeta, he was never the same. Sure, other fighters would die during the conflict, but Yamcha couldn’t even make it past the minions.

    For the remainder of the series, Yamcha would kind of, sort of, just be there. He was never seen as a viable threat, and he was usually the first Z-fighter to be defeated in battle.

    Drew McIntyre re-debuted with too much hype in 2009, as Vince McMahon himself proclaimed him the chosen one. For roughly one year, McIntyre would find himself firmly entrenched in the Intercontinental Title picture, even holding it for a period of time. Then his visa expired.

    Like with Yamcha, when McIntyre returned to the states after his short absence, he was never positioned the same. Sure, he was still a heel, and he even won the Tag Team Titles once, but he lost all of his momentum before being relegated to the lower midcard and making appearances on Superstars.

    Another similarity between the two is their long-term relationship with women. Yamcha was involved with Bulma for years before she left him for Vegeta. McIntyre was married to Tiffany before he lost her due to her being nuts.

Tien/Kofi Kingston

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    People often forget how strong Tien was in the DBZ Universe. He is a former World Martial Arts Champion, having defeated Goku, and at one point, he was probably the strongest human on earth.

    Then the de-push came.

    Tien would often try to push himself beyond his limits in hopes of matching Goku’s strength, and he has not been afraid to mix it up with main-event villains such as Nappa, Cell and Buu. Unfortunately for Tien, he was always outclassed and simply could not match the strength of his peers and villains.

    Kofi Kingston is a very decorated champion in the WWE, having held the U.S., IC and Tag Team Titles at one point during his career. He was even featured in what many consider to be a main-event feud with Randy Orton back in 2009.

    And then his de-push began!

    Kofi would have a match with Orton on Raw and botched an RKO. In fact, he botched it so bad, Orton complained and Kofi hasn’t sniffed the main-event scene since. Oh sure, you may see him in the occasional Raw or SmackDown main event, and you can bet on him being a factor in the Money in the Bank and Elimination Chamber matches, but Kofi always seems like he is outclassed by the main-event talent.

    Both guys deserve better, but both guys continue to work hard in hopes of reaching the mountaintop, even though it seems like it will never happen.


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    Small, annoying and worthless.

    A few words I would use to describe Chiaotzu’s impact on the DBZ franchise. What were the odds that these words are what come to mind when people think of the WWE’s Hornswoggle?

    Both characters have had their moment in the sun in some respects, as Chiaotzu has proven he is a strong human capable of amazing feats. Hornswoggle, in his own right, somehow became a Cruiserweight Champion during his time with the company.

    Neither character speaks much, which, thankfully, is a good thing. Chiaotzu has one of the most annoying voices in history, and Hornswoggle is just plain annoying.

    Chiaotzu has the ability to blow himself up if need be. Unfortunately, at least to the best of my knowledge, Hornswoggle does not have that ability.

Master Roshi/Jerry Lawler

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    Creepy old men ogling over women who are young enough to be their grandchildren...this is too perfect!

    Master Roshi is a well-respected Kung-Fu master who served as a mentor for Goku, Krillin, Tien and Yamcha for years. Roshi was highly skilled and has been shown on several occasions to mix it up in the ring to show his students his true powers.

    Jerry Lawler is a retired wrestler and current commentator known for his legendary tenure down in Memphis as well as his run in the 1990s with the WWE. Although retired as well, Lawler has shown on several occasions that he is not afraid to get in the ring, as evidenced with his feud with the Miz last year.

    Of course, the best comparison for these two is their affinity for younger women. Roshi can be seen on several occasions sizing up Bulma or reading dirty magazines. Lawler is often waxing poetically about the Divas and has no shame about asking women to show their “assets.”


Ginyu Force/Spirit Squad

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    At one point, the Ginyu Force was the most feared group in the universe. Serving as Frieza’s primary henchmen, Captain Ginyu would lead the flamboyant Ginyu Force in destroying anyone and anything in the name of Frieza.

    When the Spirit Squad first burst on to the scene, they became a force in the tag team division as well as the WWE as a whole. The group would become the personal henchmen for Vince McMahon during his battles with DX. Kenny, the leader of the Spirit Squad, would lead the group to dominance throughout the summer of 2006. The group was also known for their eccentric entrance, as they would show off their athleticism during pre-match stretches.

    Unfortunately for both the Ginyu Force and Spirit Squad, their flair for the dramatics would be all they would ultimately be remembered for.

    Goku, Vegeta and Gohan would take down the Ginyu Force in pretty embarrassing fashion. Similarly, Triple H and Shawn Michaels would defeat the entire Spirit Squad on a number of occasions before shipping them back to developmental.

    Captain Ginyu would have a mediocre fight with Goku before transforming into a frog. Kenny would have a very forgettable run as a singles competitor before being thrown in the back of a moving man.

    You’ve come a long way, Dolph Ziggler.

Babidi/Paul Heyman

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    Babidi was the master manipulator and a brilliant strategist. He sought revenge for the death of his father by seeking to revive the legendary and destructive Majin Buu. Babidi was also a great talker who loved the limelight. And, oh yes, he was a gigantic pain in the ass.

    Paul Heyman is no stranger to the world of wrestling, as he is known for creating and running the legendary ECW. His character was never happy about the way ECW had to shut its doors, and at one point, he led a rebellion against the WWE during the Invasion angle. Heyman is a master on the mic and another gentleman who is known as a great manipulator as well.

    In his most recent run with the company, Heyman is serving as Brock Lesnar’s mouthpiece, a man who is known for his destructive ways, much the same way Babidi would often speak on behalf of Buu upon his revival. And just like Babidi, Heyman is so annoying that you really just want to punch him in the face.

    Things did not end so well for Babidi, as Buu eventually grew tired of the nasally Babidi berating him and ordering him around and would ultimately destroy him. Heyman has been a victim of that as well. Even with his first run with Lesnar, Brock eventually grew tired of listening to Heyman and would revolt.

    Only time will tell if history will repeat itself during the pair’s most recent run together.

Majin Buu/Brodus Clay

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    On the surface, Majin Buu appeared as an insanely powerful creature who only cared about destruction.

    When Brodus Clay first debuted on NXT and worked with Alberto del Rio during his feud in 2011, he seemed like a man hellbent on imposing his gigantic will on the WWE Universe.

    The lesson here, friends, is to never judge a book by its cover.

    As the Buu Saga would continue, the audience would begin to see Buu in a new light. He saved an adopted a puppy, wanted to only “play” with the other Z-Fighters and seemed generally unaware of the destruction he was causing. The big man really just wanted to eat and be happy.

    When Clay re-debuted earlier this year, we were all shocked to see he had transformed into the fun-loving Funkasaurous. He was no longer concerned with hurting his opponents; he just wanted to dance and have a good time. I would also imagine the big man likes to eat as well.

    Buu had absorbed the kind nature of one of Elder Kai’s during a struggle thousands of years prior, while Clay absorbed some Michael Flatley and became the Lord of the Dance.

Broly/Big Show

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    Broly was big, mean and nasty. He had an unhealthy obsession with Goku and would stop at nothing to destroy him.

    Big Show has been positioned as an unstoppable force lately, and he had an equally unhealthy obsession with John Cena earlier this year.

    Both of these men care only for their own self-interests and will leave a path of destruction in order to get what they want. In the case of Broly, it's being the strongest in the Universe, and for Show, being WWE Champion.

    Despite their strong “booking,” neither character has been able to overcome their obsessions, as Goku has turned back Broly on a number of occasions, and John Cena is unbeaten against Show during their on-again, off-again rivalry these last few years.

    Neither man likes to rise above hate.  


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    I know most of you are probably wondering why I did not make a comparison for Trunks. Well, truth be told, he was simply too hard to figure out. However, we live in a democracy, and I love to make people happy, so I'm proposing the following: In the comment section below, tell me who you think the best WWE comparison is for Trunks.

    The wrestler that gets the most votes or likes will have an individual article created just for this one comparison. This isn't an exact science, but choose wisely.