The WWE Has Changed Drastically On The Road To Wrestlemania 25

Heather LindstromContributor IFebruary 27, 2009

     I am a fan of RAW. Monday nights, that's what's on. I just need to know, what is going on? Smackdown is turning my attention in Friday's direction. Raw used to be the spot. All the favorite superstars were in Raw. They still are, but the storyline has gone south. Edge, what are you doing. More importantly Vicky Guerrero, get the hell off my favorite TV show and go back where you came from. If I hear one more excuse me I am going to punt my TV, like Randy Orton does his victims.

Something has got to give. Stephanie McMahon, Helmsley, Levesque, whatever you want to call her was the best thing that happened to Raw and now that is gone too! Randy I know you are scripted to RKO Stephanie so I don't hold it against you, but we NEEDED her. I personally would like to that Randy for giving the Game his Game face again. Putting some fight back in that man was an excellent idea.

I can only hope Batista's return will somehow be scripted in some awesome way that saves my favorite show. Maybe he can permanenlty injure Vicki's jaw or something so she can't talk anymore.