Ranking the 10 Best Fantasy Football Options on the Pittsburgh Steelers

Joseph BrunoCorrespondent IAugust 24, 2012

Ranking the 10 Best Fantasy Football Options on the Pittsburgh Steelers

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    One of the most popular aspects of the NFL is the opportunity to play fantasy football, and I myself play every season.

    Every year I am called a homer when I pick a few Pittsburgh Steelers. However, it’s not my fault that the team is loaded with talent.

    The Steelers' offense has the potential to be potent this season if everyone stays healthy, and here are the 10 best fantasy options on the team.

10. Shaun Suisham, K

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    2011 Fantasy Points Scored: 105

    There is still a possibility that Danny Hrapmann could overtake Suisham on the roster, however, for now I’ll keep him here.

    Suisham needs to improve on his eight missed field goals from 2011, which hurt fantasy owners who lose points for misses.

    I do think the Steelers’ offense can score a lot of points this season, but kickers should always be taken later in the draft, which is why I have him ranked 10th.

9. Emmanuel Sanders, WR

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    2011 Fantasy Points Scored: 38

    Emmanuel Sanders has a ton of potential, however, he has not been able to stay healthy to this point in his career.

    Sanders has shown an ability to get open and make plays for the Steelers. The trick is getting him to actually be on the field.

    If the Steelers' offense performs up to the expectations that we all have for them this year, Sanders could be a sleeper, and especially if there are injuries to the position.

8. Jonathan Dwyer, RB

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    2011 Fantasy Points Scored: 10

    Jonathan Dwyer is another guy who has been constantly injured but has had a solid preseason and has cemented himself as the backup to Isaac Redman this season.

    All 10 of Dwyer’s points from last season came in Redman’s first start of the year in which Dwyer had 107 yards and Redman had only 49.

    Although I expect Redman to have a good season, he is dealing with a minor hip injury right now, and Dwyer is going to get his opportunities, if he can stay healthy, during the year.

7. Heath Miller, TE

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    2011 Fantasy Points Scored: 67

    With an improved offensive line, Heath Miller may be allowed to actually run routes and be included in the offense this season.

    The Steelers have a lot of weapons, so he may not be the top fantasy tight end out there, but he is still a big target in the red zone.

    At worst, Heath is a good backup TE to have on your team. At best, he could end up being a huge part of the Steelers' offense.

6. Jerricho Cotchery, WR

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    2011 Fantasy Points Scored: 33

    I have Jerricho Cotchery ahead of Heath only because Ben Roethlisberger seemed to find him regularly at the end of last season.

    The key with Cotchery is the same as with Emmanuel Sanders in that he just wasn’t healthy for the majority of last year.

    Cotchery really came on at the end of last season when healthy, and that momentum could carry over to this year with an offseason to work with the new offense.

5. Isaac Redman, RB

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    2011 Fantasy Points Scored: 60

    Isaac Redman may be dealing with a slight hip injury at the moment. However, he is still the unquestioned starter at RB with Rashard Mendenhall out of the lineup.

    Redman showed that he has the ability to be a starting RB last season against the Broncos, and I have full faith that he can carry the load for a full season.

    Even if Redman doesn’t run for a gaudy amount yards, he is still going to get the majority of the goal-line carries this year.

4. Antonio Brown, WR

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    2011 Fantasy Points Scored: 122

    Antonio Brown had a breakout season in 2011, and the scary part is that he looks even better this year so far in camp and preseason action.

    Brown has become a favorite target of Ben Roethlisberger, and his numbers should go up this year now that he is focusing fully on receiver and not returning kicks.

    Even if Brown ends up having a similar year yardage-wise, you have to expect that he’ll improve greatly on the two receiving touchdowns he had in 2011.

3. Mike Wallace, WR

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    2011 Fantasy Points Scored: 162

    Despite the holdout, Mike Wallace will be just fine this season, and I think he will have an even better year than in 2011.

    With the emergence of the other weapons on offense, opposing teams are not going to be able to blanket Wallace as much as they did towards the end of last year.

    All it takes is a split second for Wallace to burn the defense, and as long as he has stayed in shape while holding out, I do not see anything holding him back from another great season.

2. Steelers Defense/Special Teams

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    2011 Fantasy Points Scored: 129

    Although Antonio Brown is not going to be returning kicks for the Steelers anymore, they are still the No. 1 defense/special teams pick for me in any fantasy league.

    The Steelers defense was ranked first last season against the pass, all while finishing dead last in takeaways throughout the entire league.

    This year, the Steelers are definitely going to have more than the 15 takeaways they had in 2011 while still being stout against both the run and the pass.

1. Ben Roethlisberger, QB

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    2011 Fantasy Points Scored: 206

    The NFL has become a passing league, and while everyone underestimates Ben Roethlisberger’s value in fantasy football, I am happy to pick him every year.

    Ben is poised to have the best season statistically of his career in 2012 with an upgraded offensive line and a potentially potent group of receivers.

    Throw in an improving running game, and all Ben Roethlisberger has to do is get the ball out of his hands and to the many weapons he has at his disposal.