Sixth Grader Andrew Robison Passes for Varsity High School Touchdown

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 23, 2012

Photo Credit: Yahoo Sports
Photo Credit: Yahoo Sports

One lucky sixth grader got to suit up and find out what it felt like to throw a varsity-level touchdown, years before most athletes his age would ever dream of doing so. 

NBC Sports reports a sixth grader, Andrew Robinson, was asked to step in at quarterback when the varsity QB went down with an injury, and ended up lobbing a touchdown. 

Cue the band and plan the parade. 

While there is some discrepancy about his age, there is no denying how remarkable this story is. The NBC Sports report states the sixth grader is 11 years old, while a similar report on Yahoo Sports maintains he is 12.

Both state that we may have seen the youngest player in varsity high school history to throw a TD. 

The play came during Friday's game between Franklin (Tenn.) Christian Academy and McClain (Tenn.) Christian Academy. 

Robinson's Franklin Christian ended up losing 66-30, but that will hardly be remembered by those who were there to see the game. 

MaxPreps tells us that there is no official record in the books, but the 5'1", 100 pound middle schooler may have become the youngest to ever pass for a touchdown when he hooked up with a junior wide receiver for a 63-yard touchdown. 

Video of the amazing feat can be seen here

Of course, you are now sitting there wondering how a 100 pound kid gets placed on a field with players twice his size. 

According to NBC Sports, Robinson's father, Drew, happens to also be the head coach at Franklin...and with that the doors of understanding begin to swing open just a tad. 

So don't worry, there won't to be a rash of sixth graders placed in potential high-school level harm by overzealous fathers. 

There are usually rules against such a thing. However, in this instance, Franklin is not involved with the The Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA), an organization that mandates only ninth graders or above can play for high school teams. 

Rick Chandler of NBC Sports also tells us: "It’s not uncommon for Franklin to use middle school players on occasion to fill out its varsity roster, due to the school’s small enrollment."

While it may seem bizarre to some, it's may just be business as usual for the smaller high school program. 

So, it seems, this was a rare moment from a very specific set of circumstances. Congrats to the smallest big man on campus, Andrew Robinson. 

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