Denilson Genius

tumang bokabaCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2009

Walcott, Fabregas, Rosciky, Nasri, RVP are all names that roll of football's purists tongue with mighty ease and enjoyment. Each of these players evoke images of excitement, fantasy football, breathtaking skills, killer passes... but think before anyone does any of those who got the ball for them, who gave them the ball from the opponents so they can excite fans.

While pundits and fans alike marvel at the trickery of ball jugglers no one notices the janitor. That is precisely why I rate Denilson, the young unassuming Brazilian so highly. He goes on his business like a trucker delivering Christmas goodies without fanfare or appreciation. Yes, he is not yet in the class of the great Gilberto, the masterful Viera or the mercenary Flamini but that's only because he is still developing. Viera came in as an unwanted raw midfielder who could not pass beyond his nose and yet he developed into one of the best midfield beast. Gilberto was nowhere near denilson talent-wise while ploughing away in the Brazilian league at Denilson's age and as for flamini he only shone in his last year.

Fact is Fabegras and company only shine because Denilson allows them to, he gets the ball and passes it on, occasionally making a forward foray which is more threatening than on those rare occasion cesc does. Point: whenever Denilson goes forward, Arsenal look more threatening because not only does he provide an extra man but he can shoot and pass, nevermind destroying opponents attacks.

I always maintained that given time he'll prove even more indispensable than cesc. gooners should wait till he gets injured or suspended and quite like Gilberto they'll only appreciate his importance.

ps. are the gooners actually aware that denilson has played every league game and more games than any arsenal player? Enough said.