San Francisco 49ers: Draft Tim Tebow in 2009

Ryan FridayCorrespondent IMarch 14, 2008

Okay, we're really ahead of ourselves, (or at least I am), but for my first article, I thought it should stir things up a bit.

Yes, this is my prediction for next year's draft.

Provided Tim Tebow has an exceptional season this fall, and chooses to forgo his senior year, the Niners will draft Tim Tebow. 

Okay, so I suppose I forgot to add "and also provided the 49ers do terrible enough to get the No. 1 pick...again."

I'm considering every offseason move they've made so far.

Justin Smith, Isaac Bruce, Deshaun Foster (does anyone really remember this guy), NOT re-signing Derek Smith, resigning DT Isaac Sopoaga, and more importantly, getting our fifth coordinator in five years, Mike Martz.

From Mike Martz's history with stubborness and the liking, knowing his offense, and who the Niners actually have, I can't say this will save the offense much.

More so, I think they will do even worse...I don't have much confidence in Alex Smith and the rest of the current staff to be able to run Mike Martz's system well.

I mean in Detroit, look at those wide recievers...(well pretty much because they've been drafing WR's since 2001 in the first round)...and a decent QB in Kitna. And of course the roster from St. Louis...The Niner's offensive personell doesn't compare to any of these sets of offenses at all. 

Don't get me wrong. I really like Alex Smith, he's trying his hardest. He's no ass like Ryan Leaf.

I like his work ethic and desire to play. Though talent or ability wise, he's no Eli Manning or Phillip Rivers, or Ben Roethlesburger (obviously), but consider the coaching Alex Smith has had compared to those quarterbacks.

Eli had his bumpy starts, but Coughlin is an awesome coach, and he's a Manning. And would Roethlisberger really be that good if he wasn't in a strictly run-first offense and also the fact that he had Heinz Ward.

Phillip Rivers has L.T., enough said. 

And we can't compare Smith to other quarterbacks from his draft class, because the only other one is Aaron Rogers whose career is just starting NOW. 

Though Smith finally did have a reliable reciever in Antonio Bryant two years ago, he unfortunately had too many off the field problems.

When Smith had that guy, look at this improved stats, and not to mention a very good offensive coordinator Norv Turner.

Now look who he got the next year: Daryl Jackson? There's a reason why you're not in Seattle anymore Daryl. So stop blaming Alex Smith.

Anyway, the point is, I antipicipate the offense to suffer.

Maybe the Niners can get lucky if Smith does fail and Shaun Hill gets put in, but I'm not banking on average play based on two games.

Dumb Niner fans felt that from those two games, Shaun Hill is here to save the offense. But honestly, anyone would look good at that point, so long as the ball gets caught, and the offense got more than ONE first down per QUARTER. 

And if the offense should suffer then the team will suffer.

Even though i think the Niner's defense is underrated and should be among the top 10 in the league, I think the worst-case scenario is we have another slump season and attain another high draft pick, in which I hope we don't trade like we did last year, and draft, you guessed it...


Once that losing season comes along, Nolan is gone, Alex Smith is released, and "Rebuilding" starts again.

Ironically enough, both Tim Tebow and Alex Smith have the same college coaches, and have run the same offenses...thanks Urban Meyer.

Though maybe that's the problem. The Urban Meyer Offense (spread option) is something that would never be adapted to the NFL.

So looking at it even more in the future, maybe Tebow could be another slump.

Hahaha. No, I guess we can't compare...they're two different athletes...or are they?