Super Seattle Mariners Fan Robs Store of Discount Ichiro Jerseys

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There is one robber out there who seems to think that there's a huge underground market for outdated Ichiro jerseys, replicas that happened to be sold at a huge discount. 

ESPN's Darren Rovell gives us some details behind a not-so-slick break-in wherein a robber got away with a pile full of laundry:


A Seattle Times report has a pretty revealing quote from the store supervisor who stated, "They were very specific. We are thinking they had scoped it out before."

We assume the robber didn't notice that the jerseys, which were once priced at $240, had recently been discounted by 50 percent.

Perhaps he thought that was still a ludicrous price for a jersey with the name of a player who was traded weeks ago. 

Now comes the question as to what good 16 Ichiro jerseys will get you. If you stitch them all together, you have a nice warm blanket. They could also be used to dry your car after a hot summer wash. 

If only we could sit this robber down and ask him all the question boggling our minds: "Really? Ichiro jerseys? You didn't want a Felix Hernandez T-shirt or Jay Buhner bobblehead?"

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