Alex Rodriguez: New York Yankees Slugger Voted Phoniest MLB Player by His Peers

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Alex Rodriguez: New York Yankees Slugger Voted Phoniest MLB Player by His Peers
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Alex Rodriguez is a great many things. According to a jury of his peers, he is also the phoniest player in all of Major League Baseball. 

With the Yankees third baseman on the mend, we nearly forgot to enjoy America's favorite pastime, making fun of the pinstriped diva. 

Thanks to Sports Illustrated, we now have added hilarity in the form of Rodriguez being labeled a phony in an official vote. Christmas has come early. 

Bob Wolfley of The Journal Sentinel (h/t NBC Sports) reports the latest issue of Sports Illustrated will have another one of its fun polls, this time asking 232 MLB players who the most phony athlete in their sport is. Here are the results. 

Alex Rodriguez - 26%
Nick Swisher - 4%
Nyjer Morgan - 11%
Brian Wilson - 9%
Brandon Phillips - 5%

This isn't the first time that A-Rod made one of these glorious polls. Back in July, the MLB loner was also voted the most overrated position player in another SI poll

Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

By the looks of it, Rodriguez is the only cool kid in the world eating by himself at lunch. We await another poll that just comes out and says what everyone is thinking. 

Do you even like Alex Rodriguez?

Ask 232 players that question and see what comes back. Although, this may be another classic case of haters gonna hate. 

The report issues 64 percent of the players polled came from the American League, and 44 percent of those came from the AL East. Um, how many came from his own team?

Really, this may be a case of players being sick and tired of A-Rod demolishing them every season. Then again, he may just be the most phony player in baseball. 

We vote that it's the latter. 

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