WWE News: What Concussion Means for Rey Mysterio Moving Forward

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistAugust 23, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Having just returned from a long-term knee injury and drug suspension a few weeks ago, Rey Mysterio couldn't really afford to suffer a setback. That is exactly what happened, however, as he has been diagnosed with a concussion, but what does that mean for him moving forward?

According to WWE.com, Mysterio suffered the concussion during his match against The Miz at SummerSlam. The website is reporting that it likely took place when Miz executed a big sit-out powerbomb. There hasn't been any indication whether that was the actual root of the concussion or if that is what is being said from a storyline perspective.

Whatever the case, it would seem as though Mysterio's injury is legitimate and he is likely to be out through the weekend at least. Mysterio will have to pass an impact test in order to be cleared to compete once again, but depending upon the severity of the concussion, it could be awhile before that happens.

The first thing I noticed after this story broke is that there has been a lot of overreaction, especially on the Internet. The most common response, in fact, is that Mysterio is injury-prone and should retire. I would argue the notion that Mysterio has a propensity for getting injured, but a concussion is a freak thing that could happen to anyone.

Even the biggest, toughest guy like Ryback could suffer a concussion if his head were to hit the mat the wrong way, so to say that Mysterio should retire because of a concussion is ludicrous. There is no doubt that concussions are monitored much more closely now than they used to be since we have become more educated about their long-term effects, but I doubt this is anything new for the master of the 619.

Mysterio is a guy who has made his living with death-defying moves over the course of his career, so odds are that he has had some concussions in the past. Again, I'm not trying to downplay the impact of concussions since we have seen how they have affected other professional athletes such as football players, but the fact remains that it's a routine thing in wrestling.

If and when Mysterio retires, he is either going to go out on his own terms or go out when his knees tell him that he can't do it anymore. I highly doubt that a concussion is going to send him packing. Based on the Intercontinental Championship match he had against The Miz at SummerSlam, I would say that he still has plenty to offer the WWE at this point.

Despite the fact that Mysterio and Miz really weren't given any storyline development whatsoever prior to their match, I felt like they put on the best overall match of the night. It didn't have the same feeling of significance as the WWE Championship match or Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H, but it was fantastic from a technical standpoint.

Mysterio is a guy who has been a main eventer in the past and has the ability to play that role if he has to, but his true value is as a guy who is high in the mid-card pecking order and can have great matches with essentially any heel on the roster. Miz needed a win to legitimize his IC title reign, and getting that win against an established star like Mysterio was absolutely huge for the Awesome One.

With the way things are shaping up with regards to the roster, I don't see a good feud for Miz out there right now besides a continuation of his current one with Mysterio. Night of Champions is still about a month away, so there is time for Mysterio to recover, but hopefully this concussion isn't so severe that it turns into something long term.

Mysterio and Miz have the potential to put on a really entertaining program together, but that can't really happen if Mysterio isn't cleared to compete. Hopefully Mysterio appears in a non-wrestling capacity until he passes his tests because if he and Miz had as good of a match as they did at SummerSlam without a storyline, imagine what they can do at Night of Champions with one.


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