My Most Hated WWE Storyline Ever

Chad RobinsonCorrespondent IFebruary 26, 2009

Am i the only person who wishes the WWE would stop playing to a bunch of 5 year old s that like Cena just cause he is Cena and is baby face.

This leads me to my article. What in the world were the WWE thinking when they made Finlay a face and dance around the ring with a leprechaun just to satisfy a group of toddlers who know nothing about wrestling. When you say Cena sucks and Orton is great they go nah Cenas a gangsta and ortons evil. Followed by Hornswoggle.

This is beyond being funny and he serves no purpose except dragging Finlay's career down to his height. This guy that love to fight is dancing with a midget that's not tough.

WWE no more PG crap. Just to seal it ill say something yous haven't because of 5 year . Son of a bitch. Holy Shit You Bastard.