Fantasy Football Team Names for San Francisco 49ers Fans

Greg Maiola@Gom1094Senior Analyst IIAugust 22, 2012

Fantasy Football Team Names for San Francisco 49ers Fans

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    Every football fan is ready for the 2012 NFL season. And another bonus of football being back is the game of fantasy football, where everyday people become legendary general managers.

    This list looks at five different name possibilities for fantasy football teams based on San Francisco 49ers players. Though the team names are comical and not serious, they should strike fear into the opposition once the season rolls around.

    Have fun with the name, but be serious with the team. Here are five potential fantasy team names for the average 49ers fan.

Make It Gorey

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    Don't just beat the opposition, destroy them.

    Have some fun, murder them.

    Well thanks to Frank Gore, make the defeat gory for the other team. Strike fear into the losing owner and make him never want to play your team again.

Weapons of Moss Destruction

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    If Randy Moss is on your team, you obviously want the 2007 (not 2010) version of him. But don't let the opposition know that you are hesitant.

    Let it instead be known that Moss will explode and destroy the competition. Be confident in Moss and all the damage he can do.

A Partridge in a Crabtree

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    Its a classic Christmas song with a football twist.

    This has little meaning, but Michael Crabtree had too good of a last name to pass up. Maybe this team name can distract the owner while you dominate the league.

Harbaugh's Handshake

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    When you beat another team and see a poor loser, such as Jim Schwartz, just hit them up with a Jim Harbaugh handshake.

    Let it be known that you are happy to win a game; let the opposition pout about it.

Ginn and Tonic

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    Ted Ginn Jr. has a last name ideal for those alcohol lovers. Maybe if you have a good week you can reward yourself.

    Need inspiration? Look no further than your team name.