NFL 2012 Preseason Predictions: Which Teams Are Bound for Super Bowl XLVII?

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NFL 2012 Preseason Predictions: Which Teams Are Bound for Super Bowl XLVII?

Every NFL season is an unpredictable whirlwind of action, a set of stories all interconnected that completely encapsulate its legions of passionate followers. From coast to coast and division to division, every fall campaign teaches pigskin pundits, all of us somehow convinced that we're preordained with the answers to the season's biggest questions, that you just never really know what's around the corner. 

Yet, no matter the obtuse degree to which NFL stands for the "Nobody Figured League," we loyal fans simply can't help ourselves when it comes to predicting what's ahead, as though we're powered by a psychic cap or a futuristic sports almanac seized during time travel.

I am included among the masses, complete with my own gridiron God-complex, ready and willing to lend my annual opinion about the upcoming campaign's final standings. 

Last year, my claims to fame were correctly picking the 49ers to win the NFC West, as well as foreseeing the Houston's rise and the correlating fall of Indianapolis from the postseason (even prior to the announcement of Peyton Manning's season-ending surgery!)

And, like anyone who tries their hand at football fortune-telling, I had a couple of duds, none bigger than my opting to drink the Eagles Kool-Aid!  They were truly the wind "above my wings," sending my NFC East thought into a free-fall that ended with a true crash and burn.

Looking ahead may be a fool's errand, but I do have one key piece of knowledge on my side that many other prognosticators lack: understanding that this year is not last year.

While power in the NFL is quite fluid, there is one constant that pigskin prognosticators can absolutely take for granted: their picks will fall painstakingly short if they are failing to account for change, whether a lot or a little.  So many people take the results of last year as scripture when looking ahead, which is a recipe for disaster. 

Predicting an upcoming season may seem like a futile effort, but it can also be aptly described by another F-word: fun. That's why we'll all continue to try, both valiantly and in spite of the odds!

Tapping into my self-proclaimed and altogether fabricated skills of telepathy, I will delve into the upcoming season to predict the final standings, playoff results and most importantly...

...the winner of Super Bowl XLVII!

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