A Behind-the-Scenes Video Look into a WWE-Affiliated Indy Promotion

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A Behind-the-Scenes Video Look into a WWE-Affiliated Indy Promotion
photo by Chris Wood

Passion.  We as fans have true passion for the business.  We watch it every time it's on TV.  We drive hours on end to go see the events live.  We buy the pay per views, the DVD's, the merchandise.  

We follow it every day, keeping up with the latest news and rumors.  We read the columns, the analysis, we absorb every word written, all because we have passion for the sport we love.

It's the same passion that brings so many workers to the ring.  WWE, TNA, ROH, Dragon Gate USA, a great number of the men and women employed by these companies began merely as fans.  Fans, who loved pro wrestling, and shared a great passion for it.

Then there is the independent circuit, the place where passion for the business was born. Standing in the ruins of the once-great territories, the indy scene is filled with diehard fans and promoters who are creating variety and options, where none have existed since WWE dismantled the regional promotions so many years ago.

It's here that you will find HVW, High Velocity Wrestling.

Based out of Hendersonville, N.C., HVW, like a thousand other companies out there, are giving everything they have in order to make their fans happy each and every week.  They don't have a mountain of money.  They don't have network TV deals, or shelves of action figures in Wal-Mart.

But, what they do have, they have in abundance.  They have what others in the "big two" at times have lost.  They have that certain intangible that brings fans to their building, that brings them to their feet, cheering matches that are more entertaining than any they will see on the next big worldwide pay per view.

They have passion.  And, in the following pages, you will get just a small glimpse of it.

 This is High Velocity Wrestling.

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