Emporia State College Football Players Treated to Epic Water Balloon Fight

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A water balloon fight to end all water-based battles broke out at an Emporia State football practice recently, and it was awesome. 

Busted Coverage reports on a hilarious act by a coach trying to break the monotony of a summer practice. 

It seems coach Garin Huggins felt his guys needed some refreshing relief after what he later calls in the video a "good scrimmage."

The Division II coach, who is 14-29 since 2007, decided it was time to pull the 'ol dipsy doodle on his team. 

He berates them for having an awful practice, bringing the thunder with his anger on how they are playing. The video even starts with a player claiming the whole team thought he was hopped up on too much coffee. 

The coach sells it well, going so far as to mandate the players do up-downs as punishment. 

That's when the artillery is called in with coaches taking balloons in their hands and firing away. A mad scramble ensues as players try to get to some balloons and others just retreat for safer ground. 

Funny, after a thorough workout, I would think you would want to be on the front lines, getting pummeled in the face with the cool, refreshing smack of a water balloon. 

If only they counted water balloon fights in the win column, this program would be revered. 

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