San Francisco Giants: Why This Hat Is the Worst Thing to Happen to Sports

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San Francisco Giants: Why This Hat Is the Worst Thing to Happen to Sports

There are few things I truly hate about sports. However, this might top my list. 

To be fair, this article isn't meant to diss San Francisco Giants fans, or Oakland A's fans. Some of the greatest fans I've met rep these teams. This article is made for the select few that saw this hat, thought it was cool, and decided to buy it.

Most true sports fans hate bandwagon fans, it's simple. A smaller percentage of these fans hate dual fans—people who swear they are 100 percent devoted to two teams of the same sport. These are different than people who root for another team in the playoffs if theirs is out, or something along those lines.

This hat was made for one reason, to wear it at the annual Battle of the Bay series, Giants vs. A's. 

Meaning, the unfortunate wearer of this monstrosity wore it because he came to cheer on both the Giants AND the A's! Earth to loser-ville, there can be only one winner, and because you will celebrate "a good game," whatever the outcome is, makes you worse than a bandwagon fan. 

I promise if you go to Chicago you will not see any hat remotely similar to this, or even shirts promoting both teams. They are bitter rivals from opposite parts of town and the Windy City Showdown are gritty hard-fought games. And don't even begin to think the teams in New York would put up with this. 

Bay Area fans, you guys are some of the most loyal fans I've met. You're better than this. 

While we're on the subject, for a heated rivalry, and some of the loudest "Beat LA" chants I've ever heard, the Dodger Blue Giants hat shouldn't exist. Dodger Blue should be kin to water on the Wicked Witch or garlic to vampires. I understand fashion, but this is sports. Please don't support this. 

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