Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Demar Dotson Ready to Challenge Jeremy Trueblood?

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IAugust 22, 2012

Demar Dotson can play both tackle positions.
Demar Dotson can play both tackle positions.Rob Carr/Getty Images

You've been waiting for this one. It might be hard to find a single Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan who is not smiling when they hear this.

Demar Dotson is getting his chance to win Jeremy Trueblood's spot at right tackle.

Donald Penn returned to practice on Monday and Greg Schiano is the type of coach who notices hard work. Sounds like he likes to reward it as well.

In that light, Dotson started taking some reps with the first unit at right tackle. Of course, Trueblood simply blew it off. 

One thing everyone who has paid any attention to this football team knows is that Trueblood is the weakest link on the offensive line. He's been a source of penalties and he's certainly not the best pass blocker up front. He didn't look good against Tennessee but then, neither did Dotson.

Up until this week, Trueblood hasn't had any serious competition for his starting job. Now that is about to change and it's exactly what this football team needs.

Don't be surprised if the two alternate at right tackle during the first half of Friday night's game against New England. The first team offense will play into the third quarter as their dress rehearsal for the September 9 opener against Carolina.

That could become a moot point, however, if Donald Penn doesn't get the start. Penn, although he's in shape, hasn't had the camp reps and was knocking off some rust earlier this week.

If Penn doesn't start, then Dotson will be back on the left side.

This game against the Patriots will be an eye-opener. Schiano has already been taking in an eyeful during Wednesday practice with the P-Men.

"We made more mistakes than you can shake a stick at," Schiano said afterward.

The Bucs will continue their joint workout session with the Patriots on Thursday, then the two will square off on Friday night at Raymond James Stadium.


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