College Football Recruiting 2013: Odds on Where Top OT Laremy Tunsil Will Sign

Full Ride@BR_FullRideB/R VideoAugust 22, 2012

Every college football team wants a guy like Laremy Tunsil: a monster offensive lineman that they can plug in from day one and have their quarterback’s blind spot covered for the next three to four years.

While skill position players, quarterbacks and defensive linemen get the majority of the praise when it comes to recruiting, having an elite left tackle at the college level is quite a luxury.

It’s no wonder that everyone is lining up for the nation’s premier tackle in 2013. Tunsil, a 5-star freak, is going to make someone very happy.

The Florida native is still looking for a team, and while the SEC seems poised to land him, it’s never that simple.

Where will he end up? We’re going to our Las Vegas board to assess the favorite, the contenders and a dark horse that could make its way into the mix if things go well.


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