Problems Within TNA: Maybe We Are Seeing the Old WCW

Joe DohertyContributor IFebruary 26, 2009

Hey Yo.

I'm going to make this a quick one, but recently there have been a lot of rumors going around that there is heat with a few of the guys in the backstage area.

But the problem seems to be coming from the upper guys, surprisingly, Jeff Jarrett and Booker T most noticeably.

The problems with Jeff Jarrett is his booking, which is leaving a good portion of the locker room frustrated, but TNA president Dixie Carter is standing by his decisions.

There is no mention of Vince Russo thus far, but after hearing of these problems, it reminds me and probably most of you readers, of the booking in WCW before it 'Died.'

Although, the backstage problems in WCW towards the end of it's tenure wasn't the main reason they went bust, but it still played a major factor in the ratings war, so maybe there is a feeling in TNA, that something similar is on the way.

As for Booker T, an unnamed TNA star made a remark regarding him, "now he's the worst and doesn't give a s***." 

It seems as if TNA isn't a challenge for Booker T, or he feels that he isn't getting enough respect himself, but one feels that if the current situation grows, then we could see a major disaster, if you will, occur within TNA.

Will TNA eventually lose grips in the wrestling world? Would you rather see WWE buy them out like the WWE and WCW, or would it be better if they just folded?

I guess we just have to watch out in the near future.