Brock Lesnar: WWE Turns Unstoppable Monster into One-Dimensional Creature

The EndAnalyst IAugust 22, 2012

The good old days
The good old days

He isn't very good on the mic. That is why he has a manager who does a lot of his talking for him.

In the ring, however, he is supposed to be a dangerous threat. While his manager screams from the outside, he methodically targets your arm, weakening it. Then, he hits you with an F-5, following it up with a submission move to your arm. If you are not strong enough to power out of the move, you will tap out.

Remove the "F-5" reference and I might as well be talking about Alberto Del Rio.


When Brock Lesnar made his return to the WWE, the night after WrestleMania, I imagined it would change the landscape of the WWE. I was excited to see which superstars he would face, and hoped he would change Cena's character. I predicted he would certainly feud with Triple H.

While he did have main-event feuds with both Cena and Triple H, both of them felt lackluster. Initially I thought it was because he wasn't around enough to create the right atmosphere—he does have a limited number of appearances scheduled in his contract.

However, I can name another superstar that only appears a few times every year, doesn't speak all that much and yet delivers the best matches you ever saw. The fans are already jumping in their seats when they hear the gongs sound.

I am not suggesting that Lesnar can get the audience as excited as The Undertaker can. However, he is rumored to be heading into a WrestleMania feud with either "The Phenom" himself, or with"The Great One," The Rock. If he is going to be a worthy opponent, he better regain some of his lost glory.


Lesnar has been booked as a strong contender, I'll give you that. But, both his storylines and his in-ring work have been watered down. At his current quality of work, I would not want to see his feuds headline shows at the expense of other, better quality matches.

While he has one of the most brilliant creative minds in his corner, all Paul Heyman has been turned into is a semi-legal lackey. Wasn't David Otunga good enough for that role?

Paul Heyman is so much better when he is made to look like an evil genius—when he is interfering with the mechanisms that rule—and make the decisions in—the WWE. As just a mouthpiece, he doesn't do much good—especially when he gets beaten down by Stephanie McMahon, who randomly appears for a single show.

Lesnar's in-ring work has been watered down as well. As someone who saw him in the "Ruthless Aggression Era," I expected to see suplexes, varieties of moves and possibly a high-risk move or two. But, other than his F-5, his character looks like it forgot everything it knew.

The Kimura is a strong submission move—I've seen it actually dislocate joints in the UFC. But, making that the only thing in Lesnar's playbook is a total disaster.

I have seen Lesnar superplex the Big Show. I have seen him execute a Shooting Star Press—albeit not to perfection—at WrestleMania. I have seen him win a stretcher match by using a forklift. I have seen him compete in a push-up contest with an Olympic gold medalist.

I have seen him use a submission move that was apparently so dangerous, it actually looked like he had broken a grown man's back. I have seen him and his manager humiliate and demolish opponents while making it entertaining to watch.

Lesnar is booked as someone who will only target one limb before he goes in for the kill. I understand that might be a good strategy in a real fight, but it fails to tell a story good enough to keep me interested.

Unless both his Raw appearances and his in-ring work in the pay-per-views begin to showcase something more, he will just be another big name that fails to live up to the hype.

Alberto Del Rio can do an arm-breaking submission move. He cannot do a "Brock Lock" or superplex a 500-pound giant (I'd like to see him try).

And, about the "real fight" thing—if and when I want one, I'll watch UFC. WWE is about entertainment. And, they definitely need to make Brock Lesnar more entertaining.