WWE Opinion: Why CM Punk's New Persona Is the Perfect Character

Michael BroughtonAnalyst IAugust 22, 2012

Since Raw 1000, we have all seen a different side of CM Punk. Sure, he still does things his way, and goes against authority, but it has become more of a heel act, rather than a heroic one. He is no longer trying to take down the likes of John Laurinaitis. Instead, he is going after the top baby faces in the company.

With CM Punk's new character in full swing, let's take a look at this persona.

In my opinion, it is full of potential. The greatest thing about Punk's gimmick is that it always comes off as real. WWE has always been filled with unrealistic and out of this world gimmicks, so to see CM Punk is a breathe of fresh air. He speaks the truth, and as of recently, he received some boos for it. With all that said, the majority of the fans hate him because he is right.

For weeks now, CM Punk has been on a  campaign to earn respect that he rightfully deserves. He has been the WWE Champion since Survivor Series, yet for the bulk of the time, John Cena was hogging the main event.

The WWE Champion should almost always be the main event, and CM Punk has good reason to be angry. He is trying to prove that he is the best in the world, and he makes some valid points. Let's not forget, he has taken on each and every challenger, and 100 percent of the time he has walked away still the WWE Champion.

It wasn't too long ago where fan's were getting bored with Punk. His reign as champion had run it's course, and was quickly growing stale. However, one night seemingly changed everything. At the 1000th episode of Raw, Punk decided to make a change. Seeing that he was continuously being pushed back by the likes of John Cena and the Rock, Punk made a stand. He attacked The Rock, and finally became the center of attention.

Now, most heels crave attention, but there is something about Punk's character that is different. CM Punk isn't just playing a gimmick, it is his real personality. He has always been open about it, and to see it incorporated into his character is truly a treat to watch each and every week.

Punk has always been saddled with a solid character gimmick. First, it was his straight edge gimmick that sky rocketed him to the main event. However, it was his best in the world gimmick that made him a top superstar.

In an era filled with happy-go-lucky competitors, CM Punk is just what we need.