My Super Bowl Odds: AFC

Divya ParmarSenior Analyst IMarch 14, 2008


I, being a guy who likes math and numbers, tried to formulate odds for all the AFC teams to get to the Super Bowl. Hey, at least no one will rip me about Kobe or LeBron. By the way, NFL-Dallas_Cowboys-Philadelphia_Eagles-New_York_Giants-My_Super_Bowl_Odds_NFC-210308">I did the NFC as well. 

Odds to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl:

The Favorite

New England Patriots      Odds: 3-2

The Contenders

Indianapolis Colts            Odds:5-1

San Diego Chargers         Odds: 5-1

Jacksonville Jaguars         Odds: 9-1

Pittsburgh Steelers            Odds: 12-1

Cleveland Browns            Odds: 12-1

Dark Horses

Tennessee Titans            Odds: 30-1

Buffalo Bills                     Odds: 35-1

Baltimore Ravens            Odds: 35-1

Cincinnati Bengals           Odds: 45-1

Denver Broncos              Odds: 50-1

New York Jets                Odds: 50-1

Long Shots

Houston Texans             Odds: 100-1

Oakland Raiders             Odds: 100-1

Kansas City Chiefs          Odds: 500-1

Miami Dolphins               Odds: 1000-1

NFL-Buffalo_Bills-Miami_Dolphins-New_England_Patriots-My_Super_Bowl_Odds_AFC-140308">NFC Odds.