New York Giants: 5 Rookies Who Will Have an Impact in the 2012-13 Season

Francisco Bernard@illbefrankieContributor IAugust 22, 2012

New York Giants: 5 Rookies Who Will Have an Impact in the 2012-13 Season

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    Two preseasons games in and the young blood of the New York Giants are making some noise already.

    The many holes the Giants had to fill are slowly being covered by their young acquisitions.

    It is also good to see these rookies not being fazed by the pressure of being a part of the defending Super Bowl champions, but rather embracing that pressure as motivation to excel in this organization.

    Five rookies have stood out among the 19 rookies on the roster so far during preseason and it is these five rookies who will make some noise during the 2012-13 season.

5. Matt Broha

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    Graduating from the Louisiana Tech in 2011, Broha has displayed some skills in his first two preseason games, accounting for a sack in each game as well as a pass deflection against the New York Jets.

    While at Louisiana Tech, Broha was First Team All-WAC and totaled 45 tackles in his senior year. Out of those 45, 9.5 were for lost yards and 7.5 were sacks. He finished his collegiate career ranked third on the WAC all-time sacks list. 

    He's shown he can back up those numbers in his play and while the Giants do have a strong defensive line, Broha has shown he can hang around and make a little noise himself. He left a legacy at his school and while it's unclear if he will do the same with the Giants, his potential is palpable. If the Giants keep him, look for him to make some plays this season.

4. David Douglas

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    Lurking in the shadows of the wide receivers is David Douglas.

    David Douglas has caught the attention of many during training camp by making amazing plays and showcasing unique athletic ability that has him contending for a spot on the roster against Ramses Barden and Domenik Hixon. 

    These two veteran receivers have not really lived up to their potential which makes Douglas that much hungrier to pounce at this opportunity. 

    Yes, he is not guaranteed a spot like Rueben Randle or David Wilson, but if you catch the attention of Tom Coughlin and there is talk you may be the catalyst to cutting a veteran receiver like Barden or Hixon, that has to make Douglas feel he has the potential to be alongside Randle and Wilson during the year. 

    The Giants can no longer wait on the production of receivers and you can thank Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks for making the Giants realize that. 

    Douglas had decent numbers at the University of Arizona, finishing with 876 receiving yards with 10.2 yards per receptions and seven touchdowns. According to Coughlin, he is having a "heck of a preseason." 

    Remember the name, David Douglas.

3. Jayron Hosley

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    Jayron Hosley comes in at No. 3 after breaking out with a 77-yard interception for a touchdown against the Jets. 

    While his interception was the best thing out of the preseason, he has shown inexperience during punt returns, muffing one against the Jets. Nothing angers a head coach more than a miscue on a punt return, just ask Jim Harbaugh.

    Regardless of Hosley's rookie mistakes cancelling out his interception, he shows potential with his speed and snagging an interception from a veteran quarterback does help when coaches meet to decide your fate. If his injury isn't serious and he can fix his mistakes, he can definitely be a replacement option for Terrell Thomas if he doesn't return.

2. Rueben Randle

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    Rueben Randle clocks in as the No. 2 rookie to make an impact this season.

    Randle was praised before the Giants drafted him in the second round this year and he very well may be a steal. With the departure of Mario Manningham, the Giants are looking for someone to fill his role and Randle could very well fill that spot.

    Randle earned All-American honors in high school and participated in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl. Randle was ranked the No. 2 overall prospect in in 2009, ahead of Matt Barkley and Trent Richardson. 

    During his career at LSU, he earned First-Team All-SEC honors his junior year averaging 17.3 yards per catch and ranked third in receiving yards and fifth in receptions.

    One analyst told that Randle "is a cross between Julio Jones and A.J. Green." If that doesn't make Giants fans excited, I do not know what will. 

    Randle has showcased his talent during preseason with a leaping catch in the Jaguars game for a touchdown and is being considered to take the No. 3 slot, the slot Manningham had as a Giant. 

    Expect big plays from this young man because he adds more flavor to the already flavorful wide receivers of the New York Giants

1. David Wilson

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    The first-round draft pick for the New York Giants comes in at No. 1 on the list.

    David Wilson has very high—and I stress, high—expectations for him this upcoming season. The loss of Brandon Jacobs makes room for a running back to fill his spot so opportunity is knocking very hard on Wilson's door and if he doesn't respond, who knows when the next opportunity will be?

    During his career at Virginia Tech, he trail-blazed as a Hokie, finishing his career by setting a school record with 2,291 rushing yards and 35 touchdowns. Wilson was named the 2011 ACC Offensive Player of the Year and attracted a lot of attention at the combine.

    His preseason has had its ups and downs, but the same can be said for the rest of those on this list. The reason he is No. 1 is because the Giants have him as their No. 1 prospect and because they believe his potential and ability can help the Giants win games.

    He is an agile and explosive player and while he may not be a monster like Jacobs, he very well can help Ahmad Bradshaw move the Giants up the field with his agility.

    Wilson will get his chance against the Bears and you can rest assured he will open the door of opportunity and make a definitive impact to put the NFL on notice for the upcoming season.