Oklahoma 5-Year Old Forced to Turn Michigan Shirt Inside Out by Principal

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 21, 2012

Photo Credit: News 9
Photo Credit: News 9

The University of Michigan is causing quite a stir in Oklahoma, and the ruckus is only slightly about the Wolverines football program. 

Oklahoma News 9 (h/t Big Lead Sports) reports a 5-year-old boy was asked to turn his Michigan shirt inside out to conform to school policy. 

That wouldn't seem like much, but the rest of the story makes the rules being enforced seem rather ridiculous. 

Last week, The principal at Wilson Elementary asked 5-year-old Cooper Barton to turn his University of Michigan t-shirt inside-out.

The boy's mother says her son was told he was only allowed to wear an O.U. or O.S.U. shirt to Kindergarten class.

In fact, the dress code for Oklahoma City Public Schools states that only Oklahoma college apparel is allowed. Clothes from all other schools are against current policy.

Barton's mother was incensed, stating, "They should really worry about academics. It wasn't offensive. He's five."

The rule also states kids are not allowed to wear professional teams' uniforms either, so the Oklahoma City Thunder are a no-go. 

Which brings me to the rule itself. What's the point of just allowing Oklahoma colleges and nothing else? Any problems that can arise from wearing team brands can certainly take place with Sooners or Cowboys apparel, especially when you single out a 5-year-old to change his clothes. 

All that said, changes may be in the future for this school. Oklahoma Public School Spokeswoman Tierney Tinnin stated, "When I talked with the Superintendent he absolutely had concerns about it and thinks it might be outdated."

Maybe it's just me, but the easiest thing would be to outlaw any sports apparel altogether. That's just logic working, so I apologize. 


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