Denard Robinson VS Tate Forcier

Denny LiContributor IMarch 22, 2017

Well, here I go. The Battle between Tate Forcier and Denard Rob is finally here! I feel confident that both Quarterbacks can fill the gaping hole at QB that Nick Sherian and Steven Threet left. The Question is which QB will do the filling.

Denard Robinson is a fit QB who was recruited by teams such as Florida, KSU, and such. He is 6'0 185 quarterback that runs a 4.4 40 time. Why does he run such a high 40? He was also recruited not only for his passing abilities but his coverage as a Defensive Back! As a Senior he passed for 1,809 yards and scored 15 touchdowns! 

On the other side is Robert "Tate" Forcier who is connected (brother) to Jason Forcier who commited and transfered from the Wolverines. Tate is a 6'0 who runs a 4.62 40 which is nice considering last years quarterbacks. He passed for 2,387 yards and 21 touchdowns and best of all five picks. (thats right five!)

I think Forcier will be the guy because of the accurate arm he packs. Robinson will make like the speedy optioner who will also pack a punch on D.

Please... go easy on me. This is my 1st EVER article.