Leafs-Sabres Preview: Loser Is Done

Thayne HallyburtonCorrespondent IMarch 14, 2008

A grave will be dug Saturday night at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, but the team who will lay in it will not be chosen until sixty minutes is up.

It's unrealistic to think that the Toronto Maple Leafs have a hope to make the playoffs, but it is not mathematically impossible, so we will continue to have faith, but with the sabres at 75 points and the Leafs at 74, the loser is pretty much eliminated from the playoff picture.

The Leafs, who have been very hot of late, will take on a Sabres squad who is young and rides the play of goaltender and team leader, Ryan Miller. As Miller goes, so go the Sabres.

Look for the Maple Leafs to get as many shots on net while going to the net with authority early in Saturday's contest, trying to get the Sabres netminder off his game.

The Leafs, on the other hand, will depend on their goaltender to keep up his superb play and keep the sabres off the scoreboard as much as possible.

This game can be won 2-1 or 5-4 as these two teams can both put the puck in the net, but both goaltenders have the ability to shut any team in the National hockey League down.  

For the Leafs, they may be without captian Mats sundin, who has been sidelined since Wednesday nights game with a groin strain. Sundin is treating this as a playoff game and will go if he can play at even 60%.

If he is kept out of the lineup it will show how bad the injury really is.

Toronto will have to bring its 'A-game' and play their cycling/forechecking/speed game to shut down the lightning quick and explosive Sabres squad.

Buckle up, because this has all the makings for a great game!