Smackdown: Brother vs. Brother

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Smackdown: Brother vs. Brother

Tonight on Friday Night Smackdown, we will finally see the brother vs. brother match we have been anticipating. WWE hasn't had anything like this in a long time, if ever, so it should be exciting.

This storyline started when Matt Hardy betrayed Jeff Hardy at Royal Rumble by hitting him with a chair and costing Jeff his WWE title.

Last week, Jeff had a match with our new world heavyweight champion, Edge. Hardy won the match...for a while, but Matt Hardy again interfered the match and again cost his brother the win.

I think that Jeff Hardy is really mad by now, and could have his revenge on his brother this week.

It should go for 10-20 minutes...surely, this kind of match cannot go any shorter, because that would be a worthless main event.

I see Jeff winning the match by either a DQ or by countering Matt's Twist Of Faith to Jeff's Extreme Twist Of Faith, giving Matt one hell of a Swanton Bomb, and then pinning him for the win.

Random note: Smackdown's Vladamir Kozlov is going to face Shawn Michaels next Monday to see who will face Undertaker at WrestleMania 24.

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