A Trip to Lakeland: One Fan Follows the Tigers from Detroit to Florida

Katie EvansCorrespondent IMarch 14, 2008

Many people wonder what their favorite baseball team does during their offseason. I had the opportunity to travel down to Lakeland, Florida to see the Detroit Tigers prepare for the season to come.

While I was there, the Tigers had a game against the New York Mets, and they came out on top with a 4-2 victory. Pitcher Jeremy Bonderman started the game for the Tigers, but allowed four hits and two runs in the two innings that he pitched. Preston Larrison and Denny Bautista also pitched for the Tigers.

Later in the game, Bonderman could be seen running sprints along the field while the game continued on along with several other players from both teams.

The atmosphere at the game was much different than the regular season games I have experienced. The guys joked around and laughed while playing in the game. The atmosphere was friendly but still competitive, because of the opposing fans scattered throughout the stands.

After being down 2-0 for seven innings, the Tigers began to make a comeback, and some of the Mets fans started to get loud. As the ninth inning came along, some Mets fans took up a rally chant. Nevertheless, the Tigers still came out on top.

What was most interesting for me to experience was how many people wanted to know what it was like living in Detroit and seeing the Tigers play at Comerica. Some wanted to know what there was to do downtown after a game, as well as things like fireworks, and other things Comerica does for its fans after some games.

While some fans had the opportunity to get autographs and meet their favorite players I was not as fortunate. However, he experience was one I will never forget.

While many still continue to wait for the season to begin, going to see your favorite teams in Spring Training is a wonderful experience that everyone should have sometime in their lifetime.