WWE: What Is the Bottom Line for Lord Tensai?

Michael Guadalupe@The_GuadaFeatured ColumnistAugust 24, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

Ever since his re-debut in the WWE Matt Bloom, aka Lord Tensai, has been a major flop. After months spent building up his debut, Tensai was supposed to be some type of dominating wrestler, one that had been in the WWE, left for Japan and was now returning.

When Matt Bloom first debuted as Lord Tensai, he did in fact dominate.  Used as a tool for John Laurinaitis, we saw Tensai go up against wrestlers like Cena, CM Punk and even Sheamus. 

Eventually though, Lord Tensai would begin to lose and fall down the ranks.

Now, several months after his debut, what is the bottom line for Lord Tensai?  Is he a dud, and a waste to the company?  Or can he still be saved?

At this point it may be too late to save Tensai. 



One of the biggest problems with Lord Tensai is his gimmick.  Did Matt Bloom need to re-debut as some type of Japanese Lord?  Why not just come back as Albert?

His gimmick also destroyed any type of mic work that Bloom had.  As a Japanese Lord who now just spoke a few phrases of Japanese, how would Lord Tensai ever get over on the mic?

What makes his gimmick even worse, though, is how Tensai seemed to shed any memory of his former self.  He went to Japan, dominated there and when he returned, it seemed like nothing remained of the old Albert. 

Meanwhile, we would constantly be reminded how Lord Tensai used to be a wrestler in the WWE.

If he used to be a wrestler in the WWE, why did he come back and ditch his old gimmick, and choose only to speak Japanese on the mic?  It was a weak gimmick to say the least, one that would deteriorate with time.

The more Tensai lost, the more he started to attack his assistant Sakamoto.  It was a failed attempt to get Tensai heat, because he was already booked as a villain.

Still, Sakamoto would stay by his side. So while Tensai seemed to be getting ready to ditch his gimmick, he started coming out to the ring without the whole samurai head piece, he remained some type of Japanese lord who beat up on a poor, helpless assistant when he lost.

Lord Tensai needed to be a STAR, or drop his gimmick entirely.  Neither was done.


Pushed the Wrong Way

When Tensai debuted, he had only a couple of squash matches before making it to the main event scene.  Going up against wrestlers like Cena and CM Punk, Tensai was supposed to be a threat against anyone who got in his way.

Eventually though, Tensai would begin to lose.  How long could he continue to go up against the bigger names and not lose?

Needless to say, losing made Tensai less of a monster, because now that Tensai could be beaten, any type of threat he possessed was lost.

Tensai was pushed too soon into the main event spotlight on RAW.  With a weak gimmick supporting him, and losing to top wrestlers like Sheamus, Tensai began to lose his monster appeal.

Tensai needed to be put through the ranks like some wrestlers are today.  He should have started at the bottom and worked his way up.  The WWE wasn’t going to let Tensai dominate its top wrestlers, so why rush him into the spotlight?


Offensive Tout

The biggest problem Lord Tensai has comes not from his character, but from Matt Bloom himself. Sending an offensive tout was a huge mistake for Bloom.  While he may have been in character, Tensai spoke English for the first time, and made offensive comments to his assistant Sakamoto.

This was a huge mistake for Bloom, and he should have thought about it more before releasing this tout.  Not only did it have a negative effect on the WWE, it also had a negative effect on tout, which the WWE has invested in.

Tensai has received less and less TV time, more than likely due to the offensive tout. The WWE ended up putting Tensai in the doghouse, and now he seems to be going absolutely nowhere.

The bottom line for Tensai is that he is a waste for the company. 

Can he be saved, though?  Tensai the character needs to be completely ditched.  If the WWE wants to re-debut Matt Bloom as Albert, and have him move up the ranks, he could settle at mid-card status. If he turns out to be impressive enough, he might make it back to the main event scene.

Bloom himself needs to watch how he uses social media, and hopefully if he ever comes out of the doghouse, he can avoid getting himself in trouble again.

The Tensai gimmick is done, and if the WWE wants to utilize Matt Bloom, they need to give him a new gimmick, and have him earn his way to the main event.