Celebrity Mascot Games: An Inside Look at the All-Star Event for Mascots

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Mascots are awesome! We know what they do at sporting events, but as sports fans we're out of the loop on a lot about the life of a mascot

First off, how do you become a mascot? There's a different answer for college and professional levels. You can even receive a free education for being a college mascot!

There is much preparation for the season (training, diet, dance class, etc.). Mascots work throughout the year, long after their respective team's seasons are over.

We take a look inside the Celebrity Mascot Games. Yes, there is an All-Star game for mascots! And there's a special children's charity that is helped by the annual Mascot Games.

We sat down with former pro mascots to find out why being a mascot is more than just putting on a costume and dancing. We answered a lot of questions fans may have about the mascot world.

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