Brock Lesnar: Predicting the Next Step in the Next Big Thing's WWE Career

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistAugust 21, 2012

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After decimating Triple H at SummerSlam and forcing him to tap out due to the Kimura Lock, Brock Lesnar is certainly back on track. His loss to John Cena at Extreme Rules is very much in the rear-view mirror and it's time to start looking ahead to what Lesnar's next venture might be within the company.

Following Lesnar and Paul Heyman playing up Lesnar's victory over Triple H on RAW last night, Lesnar posted a Tout in which he said that he would be leaving the WWE once again. Obviously this is all part of a storyline since Lesnar is signed through WrestleMania at least, but it is obviously going to play a role moving forward.

With Triple H seemingly out of the picture, there isn't really anyone for Lesnar to feud with at the moment. He has already done the Cena thing, CM Punk established himself as a heel, Randy Orton is too far down the totem pole and Sheamus hasn't officially become a top guy yet. That means that a hiatus of some sort is probably the best move for Lesnar.

There is no telling for sure who Lesnar might feud with next, but most are expecting him and The Undertaker to go at it at WrestleMania. I agree with that notion since Lesnar and Taker had a bit of a real-life run-in a couple years back, so there is definitely some history to work off of.

The issue with that, however, is that there is a solid five months between now and the beginning of WrestleMania build. I'm not sure if the WWE honestly intends to keep Lesnar off television for that long, but I can't think of anything for him in the interim. Perhaps he could do a holdover feud with someone like Orton and beat him at Survivor Series, but it wouldn't help him get any more over than he already is.

With that said, I would keep him totally out of the picture until the Royal Rumble. The Rock will be taking on the WWE Champion, presumably either CM Punk or John Cena, so it is already going to be an absolutely massive event. That means that there will be no better stage for his return.

I would book it by having Lesnar enter the Rumble as a surprise entrant and he could subsequently decimate everyone in the ring, while looking like the surefire winner. Suddenly, however, The Undertaker's gong will hit, the lights will go out and Taker will appear in the middle of the ring face to face with Lesnar. They'll brawl for a bit before spilling over the top rope, so Lesnar will be eliminated from the Royal Rumble and a program with Taker will be firmly in place.

After that Lesnar should get the better of Taker on most occasions and even beat him to a pulp at some point. The most well-informed wrestling fans probably won't believe that Lesnar has a chance to beat Undertaker regardless of what happens during the build, but if Lesnar is presented as the stronger competitor, then perhaps there will be belief among the younger and fringe fans that the streak may be in jeopardy.

Over the course of The Undertaker's streak there haven't been many times where he has gone up against an equal or greater physical force. He has faced big guys like Giant Gonzalez, King Kong Bundy, Kane, Diesel, Sid, Big Show, Batista and others, but Taker was always perceived to be the bigger physical threat.

After the way that Lesnar destroyed Triple H, though, Taker would probably be considered the underdog in a kayfabe sense. There honestly isn't much left for Lesnar to accomplish in WWE as he has beaten most of the biggest stars in the business and been world champion as well, so The Undertaker is the last thing to cross off on his list.

Lesnar even said in his Tout that he has nothing left to prove in the company, so having Undertaker challenge him would make for some great television. Lesnar vs. Taker at WrestleMania seems like a sure thing to me, so the only question is how the WWE bridges the gap between now and then.


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