WWE: Why RAW Win Doesn't Make Up for Dolph Ziggler's SummerSlam Defeat

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistAugust 21, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

The WWE made a curious decision when it had Chris Jericho go over Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam on Sunday. It attempted to rectify the situation by having Ziggler get revenge on RAW by beating Jericho and sending him packing, but that simply wasn't enough to make up for the SummerSlam fiasco.

I was very vocal about how bad of a decision it was to have Jericho win at SummerSlam, and while I'm sure that people will tell me that Ziggler's RAW win means that I was overreacting, that isn't the case at all. Say what you will about Ziggler winning on RAW, but the fact remains that he lost at the second-biggest event of the year.

I'm honestly at a loss as to why the WWE booked things as it did. I understand the argument that Jericho hadn't won an important match since returning and that the writers wanted to give him a victory, but it shouldn't have come at the expense of the Money in the Bank winner in Ziggler as he is trying to look like a credible threat for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Jericho could have went winless for the remainder of his career and it wouldn't have changed what he has accomplished over the course of his career and it definitely wouldn't have caused him to be any less over with the fans. When Jericho comes back several months down the line, nobody is going to care whether or not he won at SummerSlam. They're going to be happy that he's back regardless.

Ziggler is the guy who has to hang around during the aftermath, though, and he's the guy who is going to be defined by wins and losses because he hasn't reached iconic status like Y2J did years ago. It's great that Ziggler defended his Money in the Bank contract and is responsible for Jericho losing his job, but that SummerSlam loss looms large.

If the plan all along was for Ziggler to prevail over Jericho, then I guess I'm just not understanding why everything wasn't settled at SummerSlam. There is absolutely no reason why the exact same stipulation couldn't have been in place on Sunday with Ziggler winning in the exact same manner. It almost seems like Jericho was given the win at SummerSlam as a pat on the back for a job well done, but Jericho doesn't need pats on the back at this point and I doubt he even wanted one.

The biggest argument that I've heard in support of the Jericho win is that Ziggler loses nothing by putting over a legend like Jericho. It isn't as if Ziggler put over Jericho in his prime, though. Ziggler put over a guy who hadn't won a meaningful match since returning, a guy who Ziggler called a washed up scrub, even a guy who had injured ribs from a Ziggler attack for that matter.

Ziggler tapped out in the middle of the ring against someone who supposedly couldn't win the big one anymore, and that is what made Ziggler look weak. The revenge win on RAW is all well and good, but it doesn't erase the SummerSlam loss from the records and it certainly doesn't erase the fact that he lost to Alex Riley a couple weeks ago as well.

The WWE is clueless when it comes to booking Money in the Bank winners to look strong and it's clueless when it comes to booking Ziggler in general. You could say that Ziggler comes out of this entire feud neither up nor down, and while that may be true, I could have sworn that the entire purpose of putting him in a feud with Jericho was so that he could be elevated to the next level.

It's almost as if the WWE expects people to remember the fact that Jericho won at SummerSlam for his sake, but at the same time it wants people to totally disregard it for Ziggler's sake. They can't have it both ways, though, and the fact of the matter is that the SummerSlam match happened, and was booked totally incorrectly.

If all of that wasn't enough, the cherry atop this bad booking sundae was what transpired after the RAW match. Rather than letting Ziggler have his moment, the writers had Jericho give Ziggler a Code Breaker on the way out. So this supposed huge win by Ziggler was sandwiched in between a debilitating loss at SummerSlam and a needless beat down.

I'm not convinced that the WWE is totally sold on Ziggler because if it truly were, then Ziggler would have won at SummerSlam and then beat Jericho into oblivion for good measure. Jericho has proven time and time again that he has no issue putting over younger talent, so this seems like a "creative" decision more than anything.

I try not to me pessimistic when it comes to the WWE, but this entire situation has caused me to lose even more confidence in the writing team as a whole and I'm worried what it will mean for Ziggler down the line.


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